The erotic blurry night with another girl

Ruffled couch and a messed up sitting room, trails of shoes, dresses, lingeries, wine glasses and bottle littered on the floor all the way to the bedroom.

Muffled sounds and moans rocked the air accompanied with thrustings and clasping of our flesh

‘Oh babe, I’ve always longed to do this, I’ve always wanted you, I knew you’d taste so good. Oh your boobs tasty, your cunt milky, your body so soft. You are way out of this world babe, coat me with your milky soft body, yeah babe.

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Oh! that look on your face, that look, I know it so well you are gonna cum, I’m glad to take you there, cum for me babe, cum my dear milky one, soak me with your juice.

Urmmm I like the way you squirt and pour your juice all over me, now I’m gonna cum.

Oh! Oh! Yea there, right there.’ Exhaling heavily

‘I’m glad we both climaxed’

I woke up the next morning oblivious of my environment and totally drained, I rubbed my eyes and turned to look at the other side of the bed only to see this gorgeous strange lady lying next to me, I shut my eyes trying to remember whom she is but nothing comes up as my memory of the day before is totally blank.

Just then I realized that I was without clothes. I pulled down the duvet a confirm, looked of myself and boom I was naked.

‘I hope this is not what I’m thinking’ I thought as I reached down to my Vjay and just as I suspected, I was proved right instantly.

This lady has taken advantage of my  oblivion state and had sex with me, furiously I tapped her, she awoke in fright and with a beautiful smile asked me

‘Babe, is there a problem?’

‘Babe? Sorry who are you and what I’m I doing in bed with you naked? You had sex with me right? What I’m saying, you had sex with me, start talking because I’m going to sue you for violations of my body.’ I said

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‘Woah, woah, slow down babe, first of all, you are in my house, invading my privacy, secondly I didn’t violate that gorgeous body of yours, you gave it willing, you made the first move…’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t do girls’

‘oh really, care to explain what you were doing in my bed? You know I knew you will say this, that’s why I made a video of us, here watch and deal with, I can’t handle this drama.’

That said she handed me the camera and walked away naked. I watched with curiosity and with my own eyes, I saw myself flirt with her and lead her on. It must definitely be the drink for I will never want to be with a lady not when there are sumptuous dicks everywhere but I snapped out of that thought when I saw me stand up to take a call outside, I won’t do that if I was drunk.

I think I remember how we met.

We met at the golf course in Ikoyi after work three days ago, her office is situated adjacent to mine and she said she has seen me every weekday for the past 2 years.

Oh, how could I have forgotten

‘But how did I end up in her house?’

Oh yes, the dinner date that was cut short when a drink was spilled on her white dress by the waiter. I opened my eyes and watched on as she returned back to the room and I asked her

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‘Where were we?’ she just smiled and poured us a drink amidst drinks and small talks she asked ‘Movie or music?’

‘Music’ I replied and went back to my phone. I think I saw something hilarious and went closer to show her, I felt her breath, shut my eyes and swallowed hard. I saw the look on my face and that look comes on only when I want to shag Joe,  my fiance but here I was giving Joe’s look to a lady I couldn’t even remember her name.

She turned to look at me, our lips inches apart, I leaned in and kissed her, the next minute we were tearing ourselves up. I think I regained consciousness that I was doing a lady because I saw me break off from her.

She stood up and undressed herself in the sexiest way ever that by the time she finished I was soaking wet because I saw myself feeling my panties.

She gave me that now what look, I looked away and after a few seconds tore my dress and lingerie off and ran to her.

She worked her hands on my boobs sending cold chills down my spine. I spun her over knocking down the wine and our cups in the process. She pulled me up pointed towards the hallway and urged me on.

I took the cue and left, she grabbed the camera and followed me behind, she got into the room, joined me on the bed and traced her way to pussy through my legs.

The kisses she planted sent chills all over me and I moaned in ecstasy.

She found my lips and sucked on it like some lollipop, massaging my boobs while at it. I wailed in pleasure, she pulled me into a 69 position and I followed her cue we pleasured ourselves till she strapped herself with a dick and plunged in thrusting the hell out me.

My moans filled the air, my hand on her nipples twitching and the other on her ass cheek, I pulled on the strapped dick and unstrapped it, she pulled it out of me slowly, raising legs she replaced the dick with her cunt.

Our bodies clasped together as thrills of pleasure filled me up. She thrusted in that manner till we both climaxed. The video stopped and I realized I’ve been pleasuring myself whilst watching.

I looked up and saw her by the door

‘Mind if I join you’ she asked as I looked away shyly. She came and replaced my hands with hers.

I think I’m gonna be shuttling between she and Joe because I definitely love this new passion between myself and a girl like me.



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