Rita Ora is also using the hand bra, and it’s a sexy sight

Depending on whether you’re a boobs guy or ass guy, there is just something about a lady covering her own boobs with her hands that is just darn sexy.  There have been different trends that we have been seeing for a while now.

Asides from the hand bra, we still got the underboob which is also devastatingly sexy, but the challenge with the underboob thing is, you’ve got to have nicely shaped boobs, because the nipples don’t show but the underboob shows well.

The latest person to join the hand bra movement is Rita Ora, the London based singer has given us something to be delighted about, the perverts among us.

Rita is one hot lady!

Rita is one hot lady! (Instagram/Rita Ora)

The video isn’t particularly racy, she has had the thing for teasing the fans, which we appreciate. The latest of this is what the 26 year-old put up on Instagram.

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She was putting on a black top, with her hair loose around her shoulders, looking sexy and everything. The video got hotter as she pulled down her top and then a boob popped out. Isn’t it nice just seeing a boob pop out, a celebrity one at that.

Remember the Instagram rule, no nipple should show, else we might have seen her nipples, but then she covered it with her hand. To make sure we don’t see it at all, she put an R over the nipple, just in case some nipple escapes the fingers.


Trust followers to comment on such,

One user said “You have my attention”

“Don’t be shy #freethenipple” another said

Rita herself captioned the picture, “What’s good?”

Everything will be good if only you can take that R and hand off that boob.


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