Eyes for new boy, Joseph

The past week had been really bad for Grace, from the pregnancy drama to being down with malaria and even worse she got her period when she was still sick, but on the plus side her madam and aunt feeling guilty for how they reacted had treated her like a princess and won’t let her do any work even after she felt better.

But now she felt really better and off her period, she was ready to get down but the only problem is after the whole pregnancy drama everyone seems to be staying away from her even Matthew.

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It was frustrating seeing how horny she had been especially on her period, and now she can’t find anyone willing to fuck her, it’s like the word pregnant was a deadly disease everyone wouldn’t poke with a nine metres pole.

She went to sit outside the compound watching everyone as they moved around. It was getting exhausting sitting idly and she made to go back inside when she caught a light skinned guy staring at her, she didn’t know his name but had seen him around so she assumed he lived or worked close by, she stared back and he looked away which made her laugh.

She went back inside and sat in the parlour by herself, everyone was out and her madam insisted she stay at home till she has fully recovered before she can go back to her apprenticeship. She put the mat and laid down on it trying to at least get some sleep.

Sleeping became futile and she was really frustrated, she let her mind drift to the light skinned boy and wondered what his name could possibly be, she closed her eyes and pictured the both of them together, with her in a mini skirt and a showy top while he was wearing the three quarter trouser he was wearing with a black shirt, they were sitting on a bed.

His soft hands were on her thigh and he started to move it up, she turned to look at him and their lips found each other, he kissed her gently as he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

He dipped his hand into her top and grabbed her boobs, he squeezed gently while kissing her deeper. She grabbed her boobs and squeezed as she lay on the mat.

He stopped kissing her and took off her top, and took her boobs in his hands slightly pinching her nipples, his hands went under her mini skirt and soon he was slipping his finger into her wet pussy, she bite her tongue and with her eyes still closed she pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy as she thought about him.

She rubbed her clit rotating her waist to meet the rhythm of her hands, she moved faster and grabbed her boob with her free hands, she pinched her nipples and moved faster and faster till she screamed cumming hard on her fingers, she laid down for a while riding the high of her orgas.

She thought about the light skinned guy and started to plot how she would get him into her pants, since no one in her compound would fuck her she could as well go out to look for someone who would although she has to be more careful now before she gets pregnant for real.

She stood up and applied a little powder and lip gloss. She stepped outside and looked around for the guy but could not find him, she walked down past the shops and kept looking around hoping se would see him.

She went around the block still looking and saw a light skinned guy that turned out to be someone else, that is when she realised she had wandered far from their compound, she turned around and started back with her head down.

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“Hey hey!! Please stop” She heard someone call out

She turned around and almost gasped in surprise, it was her light skinned guy walking fast towards her, she stop walking and almost stopped breathing too, he soon caught up with her

“Hey, sorry, I’ve seen you around a lot I just thought to talk to you” he said smiling

“I’m Joseph and you” he asked

“Ar ar Grace” she stammered.

She opened her mouth to say something but nothing would come out

“I’m sorry this must be awkward, maybe we can see some other time and talk” he said

“Um yes, yes some time” She replied

He opened his mouth to talk when a girl came and held his hand

“Baby I was looking all over for you” she said looking at Grace like she was a trash can, trash that will throw her relationship to canal, Grace said to herself.

She looked like a princess, with her make-up making her look like she was glowing, her hair was braided beautifully and she wore a beautiful short gown

“It was nice meeting you” He said as the girl dragged him away

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Grace stood there for a while before she forced her legs to move, she felt sad as all chances she had with Joseph was just shattered, there was no way she could compete with his beautiful girlfriend.



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