Grace is in trouble big time!

It must’ve been the fear but her body was heating up and the smell of the food she was cooking was making her feel  like throwing, she tried her best to keep it down for the fear what would happen if her madam should see her throw up

“Aunty Ijeoma” the kids shouted excitedly running towards the door

They circled her greeting and looking curiously at her bags, Grace covered the pot on the stove and went to welcome her aunty

“Aunty welcome, how was journey?” she asked collecting her bags

“Nne the road is very bad, but we thank God” She said sighing heavily

“Grace you have grown big o, is like you are enjoying eh” She joked poking grace

Grace’s madam came out to welcome her friend and soon they were seated and engaged in a full blown conversation, laughing and talking in fast and high pitches, they lowered their voices occasionally when they conversation was about a gossip.

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Grace stomach was tied I knot and her head filled with terrifying images, she quickly finished making the ogbono soup and boiled water to turn eba with, she dished the food and carried the food inside to serve to everyone, she placed the plate of food for Aunty Ijeoma on a stool.

“I am very happy how you just take care of my Gracie” Se said making her friend smile

“It’s nothing o, she na good girl her” Her madam said making Grace’s heart skip a beat

She served everyone their food with the children’s together in a big bowl, she sat on the floor close to the children and ate in silence, halfway through her food she ran outside to the bathroom and threw up. It felt like the world froze and her head felt heavy.

She just wished the ground would open up and swallow her, the pictures of the chaos that would follow if she pointed at all the men in the compound she had fucked, she tried to move but her legs won’t move. After what seemed like eternity with her standing outside she pushed herself to go in, her aunty and madam were the only one in the living room when she walked in. The atmosphere felt charged and her heart was racing so fast it felt like it could jump out her mouth at anytime

“Grace… Grace… Grace” Her madam started

“How many times I call you?” she yelled

“Three times ma” She answered in low tone

“Wetin dey do you” She asked staring intently

“I no know o, na belle just dey turn me” She barely whispered

“When be the last time you see your blood” Aunty Ijeoma asked

“Errmm erm” She stuttered scratching her head, she couldn’t remember when last she got her period

“Errm wetin” Her madam started to yell

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“You allow pesin touch you ehn, this girl don finish me o” She threw her hands on her head.

“Na who do am eh” She asked shaking Grace

“Ahh No o nobody touch me, madam” Grace replied

“Shut up” Her aunty said slapping her

Grace started to cry as her aunty continued to hit her demanding who the man was, she fell on her knees sobbing and denying their allegations, her madam and aunty kept yelling and hitting her, with her aunty mostly apologizing and comforting her madam.

She cried more as she realize what it meant for her, she will be like one of those girls that came back from the city pregnant and becomes the ridicule of everyone, she cried denying and swearing her innocence as her madam’s allegations became more persistent.

At some point they stop insulting and hitting her, and promised not to hit her if she only told them who the man responsible was, she thought about it but who will she point at, she denied letting anyone touch her and her aunty slapped her over and over again.

“You will not disgrace me o, I will kill you first her” madam yelled at her

“Shebi you will not tell us, first thing for morning we dey go clinic her” Her madam finally said

She was glad the beating finally stopped but sad at the new discovery, it’s easy to just deny it but when they go to the clinic she would have to provide a man.

She cried as she thought about all the men she had fucked without protection, she thought about running away and sobbed as she realized she had nowhere to go, that was it her life would be over in the morning.



  1. Hey guys still can’t find a way to get published but until then here’s another story

    The babysitter

    It was the beginning of December and I had been grounded for fighting with my step mom my dad had taken my allowance money and I was not allowed to go anywhere without any one responsible yea it really sucked thats when my dad decided to take he’s wife on a vacation to Miami I was happy that I would be alone and have no one to wine at me the whole day…well that’s what I taught

    My dad just finished pack he’s suitcases and came downstairs to give me instructions”nataly I want you on your best behaviour no alchahol and no friends allowed”yaa right like I was gonna listen to him I mean I’m alone for the next 3 weeks…then there was a knock on the door my dad laughed and said “that should be the baby sitter”. ” what! Babysitter dad really I’m old enough to.”then I went silent when the door opened a tall fair sexy muscled guy in probably he’s twenties stood there “hey I sigh” “nataly this is your baby sitter Justin he will stay here and take care of u till we get back” “oh dad so u don’t trust me” “of course I don’t nataly u young and irresponsible” “but” “no buts nataly I gotta get going before I miss my flight” my step mom came down stairs with her suitcase and gave me a sly grin bye guys see urll in 3 weeks

    They shut the door and I’m stuck with a hot babysitter “hii I’m nataly and u are?”. ” I’m Justin great to finally meet you” “yea I smile shyly ” wanna give me a tour around the house” “of course I lead him through the dining room and upstairs…after the tour we sat down and got to know each other he was 22 as I taught and he’s single pretty odd for such a hot guy to be single my eyes kept tracing through he’s body ” like what u see Justin stated with a grin on he’s face “what umm uh no I mean yea whats not to like” “so nataly do you have a special somebody in your life?” “Used to that was before my dad got to know him he really broke my heart” I say with a sob I’m really sorry he hugs me it was like we had a connection was I really starting to get feelings for this guy we were sitting too close that’s when I realised what was happening he was trying to seduce me I quickly pulled away and said I’m gonna call it a night and rushed upstairs “I can’t be doing this he’s my baby sitter what was I thinking I only met the guy

    In the morning I had a shower and put on my bikini to go for a swim as usual on the way down Justin had already prepared breakfast ” I sat down to eat with him he had this face that I just wanted to kiss every time I saw him he looked at me and stared “where u going in ur swimsuit?”” For a swim I replied “u have a pool could I join you” yes no problem I say and led him to the back yard he takes off he’s shirt exposing he’s hard rock muscles damn it sent chills down my spine was I really sexually attracted to him I tried to erase that taught while I stood there and stared he asked “you coming” and dived right into the pool could I really resist being close to him..I then splashed into the pool and swem around a few times I couldn’t stop staring at him and he caught me a few times and I saw him coming in my direction I pretended not to see him and there he was so close to me shirtless my breathing became heavy and he said I’m gonna go take a shower and purposely bumped me

    I swem around a few more more times and headed to my room to get dressed I found Justin standing in my door way he had a lustfull look in he’s eyes I was standing so close to he’s half naked body I wanted him I looked him in the eyes and he askes me for lotion like seriously okay I gave him the lotion and he headed back to he’s room I shut my door and sit there silently I want him and I get what I want so its game on I sat in my room all day planning my next move I took another shower and put my shortest gown on under that gown was my bra and my sexy underware I enter the kitchen and sat down for supper “you’ve been i n your room for a while” yea i just had some stuff to do

    He began doing the dishes and I pretended to drop my fork so I bent down exposing my langere he seemed turned on but not enough on the couch we chatted for a while and I kissed him I began taking off he’s clothes and he opened my gown exposing my huge tits he kissed me hard and passionately but then he stopped as if he wanted me to beg him for this instead I went to my room left my door open and layed on my bed in my underware when he came in he attacked me like a sex hungry dog ripping my bra off I knew u wanted me he sighed kissing me all over I did it I seduced him instead and got wat I wanted the end


  2. Hey peeps I couldn’t get published so I taught I would just write a story in the commentary.

    It was the biginning of a new feeling my heart thumbed every time I got close to a boy that i was attracted to the feeling started to get stronger every time I was with a boy that I was sexually attracted to it was like I wanted him to want me…I’m a virgin and I’ve never had a boy friend before so that made me even more attractive…that feeling became stronger over the days and when I saw a guy that I’m attracted to my eyes begin to travel.

    So anyway we were going on a road trip to a resort about a six hour drive from home it was me and my sister a few years bigger then me her boyfriend me my brother and he’s two super hot friends were planning on going that’s when my brother had to pull put last minute because he had a crisis that made me happy because I get to spend time with this guy that I’ve been fantasizing about for the past few months as we jump in the car I’m by the window at the back seat and my crush sits next to me and my brothers other friend next to him…as soon as our tighs touched I felt a rush in my body why was he sitting so close to me when there was plenty of space not that I’m complaining a few seconds later they pull out a bottle of klipdrift damn I’m stressed because every time I drink I get too close to a guy…he pours me a shot it was strong as if he was trying to get me drunk but I drank it anyway every time I look at him he stares me in the eyes and smile my body cringes each time we hit a bump which drives me closer into him our tighs connected I feel as if I could kiss him but I resist I can tell he wants me just as bad he bites his lips which makes me blush everybody in the car was talking and we just sat there awkwardly silently wanting each other about two hours into the drive everyone is passed out except for the driver of course I lean into his shoulders acting sleepy when I’m actually wide awake he then wraps his arms around me my body was aching for more…my breathing became heavy now I could tell he knew I wanted him because he’s hands went down to my weist as I layed in his arms the sexual tension was getting to me I wanted to be even more close to him my breast touching his chest the warmth transferred from his body to mine I then put my hand on his chest I can feel his muscle that six pack turns me on not long after I find my hands where they were not supposed to be on his penis I can feel it swelling but I refuse to move it I now close my eyes and pretend to be asleep but that feeling is not going away I want him now more then ever his dick is showing through his pants I can feel it he trys to move a bit to shake the horniness off but my hand just keeps getting closer to his croch his dick is rock hard and I keep manipulating him drawing my legs closer to him I hear him whisper softly ‘oh fuck’my body cringes wanting him more every second…the car stops and we are all awaken the driver made a stop so that we could use the toilet and buy snacks I jump out stretching my body I look at my crush and it looks like he’s undressing me with his eyes we all use the toilet and are back to our usual seats in the car we have two hours more to travel a few minutes later he then places his head right over my boobs I feel pain and pleasure we again sitting close and he’s hands is on my tummy I have butterfly’s I just sit back and relax… hour later everybody is again sleeping my eyes closed he starts to kiss my breast softly it feels so good he raises his hand and squeeze my left tit I cringe and moan he then stops leaving me wanting more he takes his hand and his head off my breast

    We have finally reached our destination my pussy drenched in my own juices we jump out of the car and head to our rooms my room is a door away from his I enter and try to settle in I take a shower and when I reach my room theres a knock on the door my tummy literraly turned I wrap the towel around me and swing the door open and there he was looking at me up and down and up again with a grin on his face he sighs well aren’t you gonna let me in I laugh and say yes of course he shuts the door behind him as soon as I turn around there he stood a cm away from me he leaned in for a kiss I kiss him back passionately but stoped him he says in a soft voice I know u want me and I step back the more closer he came the further I stepped away until my back hit the wall he laughed and grabbed my waist bringing me closer to he’s croch he started kissing my neck and I throw my head back but immediately stopped him my mind was telling me no but my body spoke for itself I wanted him to fuck me but I kept playing hard to get…he whispers in my ear while he’s hands on my coverd ass u want this don’t you my body trembles and he gently kisses my ear which leads down to my neck I whisper back yes then he unfolds my towel and push me onto the bed he takes of he’s T-shirt and throws it on the floor I lay there naked as he approaches me he’s hard rock abs made me want him more I un buckle his belt and he’s pants comes down he’s Already hard.he then slides a finger into my vagina my juices dripping down he says fuck you wet kissing my breast and squeezing it he is now completely naked and he’s dick is huge hes dick a cm away from my pussy I stop him “I’m a virgin” he smiles at me and kisses me hard and says “I know” then he says “relax”

    He goes in gently breaking my virginity and pulls out gently he’s dick is massive only half could go in he then goes in again gently pausing “I’m going in” he then pushes harder and his dick slides in he is now deep in my pussy he whispers in my ear fuck u tight he pulls all the way out and all the way in going faster and faster I lay there and moan the pleasure was un bearable he kept going faster and faster telling me the more u moan the harder and faster he’s gonna fuck me so I moaned even harder in pleasure he was going at a top speed hard and fast thrusting in my Virgina all the way in and all the way out hard and fast until I held his back scratching my nails in his back “I’m gonna cum” I let out ea huge amount of cum he went on slowly and gently I have never felt this way before he carries on fucking me but this time gently we fucked for the next two hours

    Days became months and months became years we were in love… after having wild sex one day he proposed and we are now married


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