5 sure ways you can turn ordinary massage into sex

There is definitely something sexual about massage, before I had my first massage, I would always say no because I think it would turn me on and I wasn’t looking for happy ending. In case you don’t know what happy ending is, it is when the massage ends on a high note, it could range from a handjob to full blown sex, there you go. That’s what happy ending means.

To show you how much sex is connected to massage, there is  a genre of porn dedicated to that, people just want to see people who from massages went into full blow sex.

If you’re giving massage to your partner, you probably know it will lead to sex. Without attending a massage school, you can still give massages, just run your hands into the person naked body, and apply pressure at random places and you’ll be good.

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Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim spoke with Candice Leigh, a tantric massage expert who was teaching a class on erotic massage, here some lessons from her.

1. Fix the environment

It doesn't have to look like this but the ambience has to sexy.

It doesn’t have to look like this but the ambience has to sexy.

There has to be a certain way that the mood has to be. We’re talking about the music, the candles. This is to make sure the environment is sexy than it usually is. This will go a long way in prepping her mind. To help you with scent, science has proven that vanilla is one hell of a sexy scent. Apart from the scent, you also want to introduce a sexy playlist to make the mood even better.

2. Get quality massage oils

Isn’t it better when it is all slippery, this is why you should get some quality massage oil. Your hands against her body without the oils will be hell. The experience will be awful.

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In the event that you cannot find massage oil, you can use coconut oil, Candice advises. It smells good and its also natural, it is also not bound to affect her privates down there.

3. Use the massage as foreplay

You can use massage as a foreplay for the sex that comes later, it's the ideal foreplay.

You can use massage as a foreplay for the sex that comes later, it’s the ideal foreplay.

By now, you must have found out that foreplay are quite important, and it serves as a basis for better sex, and what more? Women enjoy foreplay as guys do as well.

You can use the massage as a foreplay to sex, rubbing down on her body so eventually sex follows through. Her mind is relaxed at this point because of the massage.

“Women’s arousal sometimes takes longer, and sometimes a man may be at his maximum arousal state, but the woman may only be half way there,” Candice advises based on how men and women arousal state.

“Erotic and sensual touch can provide so much unintentional foreplay: she is breathing, slowing down her mind, relaxing more into her body by having her whole body touched, and by the time her partner is stimulating her nipples, labia, clitoris — she most likely is at her maximum arousal state. Her experience and desire for sex may be twice as great!”

4. Have some fun slowly

Here is the cue that tells you to take things slow as in take your time. There is no time for rush, you have to keep your eagerness in check, else it may boomerang.

“When giving or receiving an erotic or sensual massage, let there be so much time and spaciousness for not only the entire experience, but with each body part,” Candice says.

“Each body part, erogenous or not, deserves equal time and attention. Taking the entire body into consideration will promote full body orgasms and profound sensational states.”

5. Don’t rush the orgasm

You don't have to rush the orgasm, let it flow naturally.

You don’t have to rush the orgasm, let it flow naturally.

Massage is like a slow dance, not use rushing it. Giving her orgasm is the best thing but it shouldn’t be rushed. Focus better on giving her overall pleasure, and enjoy it all.

“Let not the goal be to orgasm, but to enjoy all the moments that lead up to it. the whole experience is orgasmic, not just the actual orgasm.”

“Sensual bodywork on its own can be the sexual experience, or the appetizer that leads to sex or other play. Sensual bodywork can be erotic, steamy, playful, silly, but can also illicit a depth of emotion and memory that lives and rests in our genitals if we have the time, sensitivity, and patience to explore it.”


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