Erotic Episodes: The Randy Nigerian Demons [Part 3]

Meet Jay

The buzz of Jay’s phone woke him up in the morning after the party, he ignored at first and continued his sleep but it came again and he grudgingly picked it up without looking at the screen to confirm the caller

‘Hello, what took you so long to pick-up? Anyway I’m about boarding the flight now to you, meet me at the airport in less than an hour’ with that Sharon dropped without letting Jay speak. Jay jumped up from the bed like something was chasing him and hurriedly dressed up, picked up his car keys and rushed towards the door.

Not being familiar with the environment he ran into the kitchen instead of the sitting room and startled Mary, knocking down the tray in her hands which housed the breakfast of fried plantain and Egg she was bringing to him

‘Sorry, please how do I leave here?’

‘Really? You knocked down the food that I was bringing to you and all you could do is ask for directions to leave the house, wow’ Jay not having time and energy for an argument dashed out and luckily for him this time he found the right door and exited the building. He rushed into his car and zoomed off, his house was just a 10 minute drive from his present location and once home, he had a quick bath, dressed up hurriedly again and dashed out heading straight to the airport.

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Sharon doesn’t like to be kept waiting and it wouldn’t be a nice thing to do since this is their first and only meeting for the year. Jay and Sharon met during a business conference, they hooked up a couple of times after that before deciding to take it to a whole new level. Jay is as randy as his friends but when it comes to Sharon he has a weakness, he proposed and Sharon accepted.

Things were going on smoothly till Sharon started shifting their wedding dates farther each time it gets closer, with her father’s company as an excuse, as if that wasn’t enough she brought in rules of them meeting once a year till she’s fully disposed. Ordinarily Jay would not condone that even before his friends disagreed but it’s as if Sharon jinxed him into agreement.

His friends constantly made jest of him for being a pawn in a hands of one girl but he didn’t mind as long as he gets any kind of pussy he wants to him Sharon is special and he’s not trading that for anything.

Deji’s call came just when he was pulling over in the airport parking lot.

‘Heeeeeh! That bad guy, how far nah?’ Jay asked

‘Omo, guy ah dey ooo, long time no see, Seun just the ask me now sef, say this one wey we never see you since na em I say make I buzz you, hope say yu dey alright?’ Deji said

‘Baba your boy dey alright, no worry I come pick my fiancee for airport we go come see you together later in the day.’

‘Jay abeg no vex, which fiancee? You still dey deceive yourself say yu get wife to be, Pele ooo, no be here I dey? No wahala we dey wait una.’

After teasing and laughing a few more times, they bade themselves​ farewell and Jay dropped the call just in time to answer Sharon’s, he found out her exact location and went to pick her up. He was excited to see her but she, it was so damn obvious that she feigned her own excitement, Jay knew something was wrong and off, he knew she’s not his anymore but he couldn’t bring himself to accept it so he drowned himself in denial.

They drove to the house in silence initially, Jay however broke the silence by asking how she was faring, her journey and every other ‘I care’ question that guys ask, Sharon was answering with irritation in her voice making the whole scenario awkward.

Jay who couldn’t take the frustration anymore bolted out

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‘You know you don’t have to come see me if it brings you so much pain? We can end this and go our separate ways since you always feel like this around me, God knows I’ve tried my best, I do the calling, the checking up and all which you barely answer to nor even return my calls when you miss them’ Bringing the car to a halt now and still looking at her he asked

‘Sharon do you still want to be with me or not?’ This is her cue but is she going to take it?

‘Jay please I’ve had a stressful flight, could you please take me home so I could at least have a bath before bombarding me with questions?’ Jay sighed and started the engine in silent, Sharon’s phone rang again but she picked it up like she was doing looked at it and dropped it, the caller kept calling at intervals till they got home.

After having her bath she stepped out for lunch, whilst they were at it she spoke up ‘Baby, I know you are upset and I’m sorry for being the reason behind that about the question you asked me, like hell I want to be with you but the thing is, I’ve gotten to a certain level in my career which requires my uninterrupted attention and time, call me selfish but I’m not ready to trade that for anything.

I will be with you but you have to wait a little more if you want that to happen.’

‘Wow, well said, you are so good at keeping your man’ Jay replied her in sarcasm

‘You are free to do what you want and what you think is best for us, while I do what I feel is best for us too’ he stressed.

Sharon’s phone rang again and she ignored it again

‘You are going to take that or what?’ Jay asked, she stood up walked towards the kitchen and took the call ‘Oh common hun, I told you not to call till I call you? I’m in the middle of it and yes I won’t let him touch me, this is just an obligation and if you must know I already told him that being with him is going to take a long while so we’re good.

 ‘Hmm I love you too darling, bye and please stop calling’ She turned around to see Jay who pretended like he’s just walking into the kitchen winked at her and left again.

She was restless but then it is what it is, so she walked into the dining area to see Jay texting

‘Urmm Sharon how long are you staying?’

‘The weekend, why?’

‘Nothing just that I have work emergency and I won’t be here to stay with you, I could book a flight back to Abuja for you if you want but if you insist on staying then it’s on you’ He said without looking up

‘Don’t worry I will stay’ Jay looked up and smiled if only she knew. Jay picked up his phone and called Deji

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‘Guy, you know about that trip to Ibadan that you guys have been planning, I’m in we could leave tomorrow and please help me call Jane na she go be my date, Sharon go dey house, you know how she loves working, you know what help me book a room where you guys are now, I’m staying the night so we could plan well, be with you in a few.’ He dropped the call tapped Sharon’s shoulder and left with a smirk on his face leaving a stunned Sharon.



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