Erotic Episodes: The Randy Nigerian Demons [Part 2]

Meet Ob

‘Guy we dey your door come open door.’ Lekan opened the door, Jay and I stepped in

‘Guy, your package them don go, abi you retain them?’ Jay asked

‘Nah, you know I don’t retain pussies, they are excess luggage but this one today is special, the pussy jes set die sotey ah no fit free am. I think I wee keep her for a while but e no mean say ah no go dey change them as I dey always do, you knw nah man no fit die put ontop bread alone.’ Lekan replied with a wink and a smile.

Facing Ob he asked

‘Guy this one wey you no carry Funmi join body as una dey come, you don dump am?’

‘Hian see me see local wahala ooo, no be you talk now now say man no fit die put ontop bread, na em you come the ask after Funmi, mtchwww.’ Ob replied with a frown, he walked to the sofa and sat down.

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‘Wetin dey do this one?

No go find one shima settle down, dey there the distribute your semen to all the pussy in and out Lagos, Jennifer you say she no sabi fuck, Debby you say she too clean house, Loveth you say she too fuck, Jahdi nko she dey too close to your friends abi nah Faith wey you say she too dey love, Funmi come come we think say you don reach final bus stop na em you don dump am join, Oga o Lord Shag them all, hope you know whay you are doing?’

Lekan asked again amidst laughter in the room, Ob who is seriously laughing replied him

‘Onku when I ready you go know, for now make I enjoy all the luck wey these pussies dey bring me. You know how many contract I don miss since this Funmi thing started? Abeg I like my life when I dey knack different ones. The contract plus money wey join am dey fly in left, right and centre. Woah arrange make we dey go, there are new pussies to discovered.’ Ob replied.

‘Abeg call your shima make we dey go.’ Jay said and with that,  Lekan walked into the room.

In a few minutes, he stepped out with one of the girls from earlier

‘Hi, I’m Ella, even though your friend here refused to ask for my name, but his treatment has covered for that.’ she said

‘I’m Ob and this is Jay’ turning to Lekan I asked

‘Can we leave now?’

‘Sure, Jay you carry your mob abi yu dey join Ob?’ Lekan asked, we left after clarifying him that Jay and I came in our different cars.

They left for the party with Lekan leading the way and in less than 10 minutes from their former location they were on the party ground somewhere in Lekki phase 1. They got into the party and settled in after saying hi to the host, Lekan was being all mushy with his date even though he constantly searched for new girls to go after but Ob’s attention was on something or rather someone else.

At the far end of the room sits three very beautiful girl whom look like models, Ob spotted them shortly after sitting down and his attention has been on the creamy chic in the middle. He starred at her for a while and decided to take his chances, the DJ was dishing them good music and almost everybody is digging as the music is too good to resist, he turned around to tell Jay to watch his drink but alas Jay was nowhere to be found, leaving him with no other choice than to walk towards the girl who has stolen his heart all evening with his drink in hand.

Whilst he walked towards them the girls were whispering to themselves amidst muffled laughter while constantly looking at him and then looking away almost immediately. He got to them said hi to them and they replied him looking down.

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Ob is that guy whose looks will make you stutter, his got a physique to die for, his looks complimented his ever dashing body and his dapper fashion sense blends everything. Suffice it to say the girls were flattered that such cuteness approached them hence they couldn’t look him in the face, he smiled his cutest smile and whispered to the ear of the chic in the middle sensually ‘come with me if you wanna live’ and winked with the huge smile still on his face.

The girl looked at him, smiled back, stood up and followed him, he walked graceful like royalty back to his seat with the chic tagging behind, when he got to his seat he helped her sit and then sat down after which he turned to the girl

‘I’m Ob and I’m glad you chose to live’ he said rubbing her hands, she smiled and replied

‘I’m Gift, thanks. I’m too young to die’ She said in sarcastic tone, Ob smiling both with his eyes and lips starred at her steadily for a few seconds and she starred back uneasily, her whole being yearning to connect more with his and those eyes of his sending sparks she couldn’t explain all over her body.

She swallowed hard and looked away. She returned her gaze just to confirm if he has stopped starring at her to meet him staring again and smiling with those beautiful of eyes of his, she tried to say something but his lips met hers and they kissed, a kiss so sensual that she forgot that they were in open place, she held his head for support whilst he rubbed her hands savoring her lips gently with his tongue.

He pulled out after a little time and placed her head on his shoulder, brushing her hair with his hands, he pulled her face up to his and said to her

‘You are mine now.’ With that he drew her up, still holding her hands walked to Lekan who was with another chic already, shook him and bade him goodbye, Jay was still nowhere to be found, so he led her out of the party arena to where he packed his car, he noticed movements in Jay’s car but didn’t look until he has sat Gift down comfortably in his car, he kissed her one more time and excused himself.

He walked towards Jay’s car and found him banging a chic in the back, Jay looked up just in time to see him, winked at him and shut his eyes to enjoy his fuck. Ob laughed hysterically and walked back to his car not after texting Lekan

‘The mumu wey we dey find, dey fuck for inside him car.’ He walked back to his car, gave gift a wet kiss on the lips and started his car engine.

The drive to his car wasn’t absolutely silent as it was filled with muffled moans from Gift, whilst driving to his house he let his hands wander towards Gifts crotch and played with pussy, he kept his eyes on the road and didn’t even flinch when he felt all that wetness from her pussy which engulfed his finger when he dug in, his dick was threatening to break but he held on till he got to his house, drove in stopped the car engine, slipped his finger out, alighted from his car and carried her in straight to his bedroom.

Once in his room, he kissed her again, a little wilder this time, she wrapped her legs and arms around him and returned his kiss match for match, he sucked on her lips and in one draw tore the whole button on her shirt dress off, giving room for her succulent boobs.

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He relaxed her on the wall for support and sucked on her boobs savoring them like he hadn’t eaten in a while, Gift moaned calmly, the sound wasn’t loud or low it was just enough to build up more sparks, he gushed on her boobs with her tits in his mouth, he held on to her with one hand and undid his trouser with another, he then shifted her panties, positioned his huge cock at the entrance of her pussy, after getting consent with her eyes got in gently.

Time stopped when he got in, her pussy was cold on his warm cock and it sent chills down his spine, she’s​ not just beautiful on the outside, she’s got a beautiful pussy too, he decided there and then that he wasn’t going to rush it, rather he will take his time, so he moved gently, pace by pace, delivering steady strokes, praying that this wouldn’t be a dream.

He increased his tempo every few minutes and slowed back down to gentle strokes, Gift was still making those melodious sound and it complimented the situation on ground, he fucked her in that position for a while and placed her on the bed burying his face in between her legs.

He sucked on her pussy whilst stimulating with his thumb for a short time, long enough to build up her orgasm and just when she was about to climax he slammed in again and this time fucked her with the strength of the stallion.

He fucked her like she was going to disappear, she shut her eyes, her countenance so beautiful, she was having the time of her life and she prayed silently that this be it for her, she has never felt the way she’s feeling now in a long while he knows what she’s thinking and he can see it right through her but he prayed silently that she doesn’t ruin the beautiful thing they had going on at the moment by pooping the dreaded question.

So he flipped her and went in from the back switching tempos whilst banging her, he bit her gently whilst hitting her hard with his cock and she whimpered in ecstasy, their orgasm started building up and like a volcano it erupted.

Their orgasm was something else out of this world, she came on her cock and him inside her, and he slipped out of her and drew her close to him and brushed her hair. They fucked a few more times before morning and in the morning he made her breakfast in bed, order a new dress for her, they exchanged contacts and she left.

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She left with the conviction that she has found a connection, he hung out with her a few times after that outside his house but none resulted to intimacy and she was getting worried as she yearned for his touch but the day she came in unannounced and saw him banging another chic the same way he banged her, it dawned in her that she was used.

Ob doesn’t like to be tied down by one chic, there are more were one pussy came from.



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