Erotic Episodes: The Randy Nigerian Demons [Part 1]

Meet Lekan

‘Hello Sir, two men are here to see you, should I send them up?’

‘If their names are Ob and Jay send them up.’

With that I slammed the phone and grudgingly went back to bed, few minutes after his own phone rang and grudgingly again he picked it up.

‘Guy we dey your door oh, come open am’ he got up from his bed and walked to the door.

‘Guy this one wey you dey suite, e be like say you carry?’ Ob asked, walked to the room with them tagging behind.

I was just too tired to talk so I’d rather they see for themselves and just like I expected they screamed out in excitement once insight of my bed

‘Badooski’ Ob hailed

‘Highest goal scorer’ Jay second him.

‘You ehn, you jes dey run your package alone, you no wan carry pesin join body, e no good oo. Shaa know say eat alone die alone.’ Ob said

‘No mind am’ Jay said, I laughed really hard and they joined me in laughing

‘Guys nah because of this Shima wey dey here una dey change am for me? Very funny.’ I laughed again waking the girl lying naked on my bed who happens to be the bone of contention between my guy’s and I.

‘Morning beautiful, sorry I woke you up, my naughty friends here finds you interesting even without meeting you and they want to kill me for it.’ Dami butt naked just smiled turned towards them said good morning, excused herself and walked to the bathroom.

I was getting hard again looking at her nice shaped fat ass and full rounded boobs as she walked to the bathroom, I was totally lost while at it that my friends have to tap me back to reality.

‘Guy, how far nah, where you meet am?’ Jay asked

‘we met on Tango and he’s quite an interesting fellow, so I decided to fly down from P.H to see him after much persuasion and I’m glad I did because this (touching my dick) is really worth every stress.’ Dami answered.

She walked into the room just in time to answer Jay’s questions before I could.

My friends were surprised at her boldness not like is something new but the confidence in which she stood butt naked before strangers convinced them that she is a core runs girl and they intend to treat her like one. Ob walked towards her and stopped right in front of her, maintaining an eye contact he reached for her tits and squeezed whilst asking her if there were friends ready to play left where she came from.

She bit her lip and amidst stutter replied in the affirmative not without asking what Ob needed a friend for when she can meet his need, as playfully as she tried to make that sound one could see her pretentious flirt with Ob clearly.

He let go of her tits, smiled and tapped her butt

‘Do hook me up!’ He turned to me and said

‘Guy your third leg don dey long, I don see say you wan shag! Abeg I dey sitting room, do quick come outside.’ With that he left with Jay and I grabbed Dami’s ass for the last one for the road before her Uber for the airport comes to pick her.

Dami said her goodbyes to the guys and left, grudgingly though but who cares, I no fit die put on top one pussy nah when there are varieties of them, besides it primarily belongs to my wife, speaking of my wife sef, let me call her.

I put a call through to her and enquired about the kids, I told her I’d breeze in the afternoon if chanced to see them and we said our love to each other before hanging up.

Turning to my guys, I informed them there’s a party coming up later at night and they could join if they so wish but for now they need to excuse me as I expect two fresh chicks, whilst they were still laughing, the reception called, I approved them to come in, while they were teasing me a knock was heard and I went to get the door while giving them the get up look.

I answered the door and two hot chicks walked in, beautifully dressed. I offered them a seat and called it a day with the guys, they left grumbling like I care, they could have them when I’m done but for now these two beautiful hunnies before me are mine.

Yes ooo when I look at girls all I see is their pussy aside my wife, I’m happily married but I can’t stop shagging, it’s like a ritual I must do. I love to shag and of course pretty hot girls at all cost, I don’t care what your price is, I will pay double as long as it guarantees me your pussy.

I told the girls to feel at home and order whatever they wanted

‘There are drinks in the fridge but if you don’t like them, you could order fresh ones, if you do weed I have some beside the ash tray on the fridge. The taller one with firmer hips scanned through the fridge and got Rubis for them, I told to relax while I freshen up.

I walked to the bathroom and showered, purposely wasting time so that by the time I step out they will be high and set for me. I wore only my stay home shorts without boxers and stepped out to meet the most exciting sight, turns out the girls got high and horny and decided to dig in on each other.

The one with a firmer hip was sitting astride the one with an hour glass shape and was chewing on them lips like it’s gon be her last, they still had their clothes on so I decided to enjoy the show a little even though my dick thinks otherwise.

I leaned by the door frame and watched, their kiss got more intense and the hour glass shaped girl took her hands to Miss Firm Hips succulent boobs and squeezed it in a manner I can’t describe, I must confess girls actually know where and how to touch themselves, because the way she squeezed them boobs has never ever crossed my mind before.

Her hands were really working fast from the boobs to her areola and tits, my dick began rising to the occasion but I watched on, she pulled up her top and freed the twins from their cage, once free she replaced her hands with her lips and took one long suck, drawing the nipple in like a lollipop, circling her tongue around it and when she released it, it made a pop sound and Miss Firm Hips moaned out loud.

Her hands grabbed the Miss Hour Glass Shape’s ass cheeks and squeezed hard, a slight moan escaped her lips whilst she sucked on Miss Firm Hips’ boobs. The played on each other for a while and decided to go third base but I stood up and said

‘Don’t start the party without me ladies’ I said smiling, they were startled and excited the same time. My dick was poking through my shorts threatening to break and seeing it made them happy, they both rushed at it, one grabbed the dick while the other grabbed the balls.

Miss Firm Hips gave me a hand job a little then guided the erected dick into her mouth slowly, she gasped immediately it touched her lips, then she did that lollipop thingy girls do when they want to look sexy, she did it a few times while jerking with her hands and then proceeded to take the whole full length down her throat, then using her hands to push my butt in an in and out movement.

I got the memo and started moving my hips to match her movement, miss hour glass shape now took all my balls in, in one suck and it sent sweet sensations down my spine I groaned and they continued in that position. My legs started getting weak with my orgasm approaching I tapped them and they stopped to look at me, I walked to the couch and they followed.

I sat down and motioned on Miss Hour Glass Shape to come sit on my face and she did, I then let Miss Firm Hips continue her sucking. With her pussy in sight I kissed it then flickered through it with my tongue biting her lips in the process, she shivered and groaned but I continued.

I flickered with my tongue again and drew her clitoris in the same way they did to me and released it slowly, I did it a few times before searching for her hole and dug in once I found it. She started humping to march my rhythm, her walls started to contrast and I knew she would cum soon, I took my thumb to her clit and started rubbing whilst I sucked on that did it for her and boom she climaxed and came down giving Miss Firm Hips more room to work on me.

I let her do her job and used my hands to support her head, the other girl joined her and parted her legs creating room for her pussy to show. She then dug in, eating her like she’s been starved for years, Miss Firm Hips couldn’t moan out loud like she would have wanted so she took it out on my dick, she concentrated on my dick slit flickering her tongue through it and biting it at intervals but when she took her hands to my balls. I knew I won’t last long, I shivered in excitement and shot long hot cum down her throat, in the excitement of making me climax and taking in my cum she climaxed too all over her eaters face.

They wanted to suck on but I walked them to the room where there is enough space for three on the bed. Once in the room they both pushed me down and sucked on both sharing kisses in the process, my dick got rock hard again and I set to work, I made the hour glass girl lie on the firm hips girl and then rammed full inches into her without warning and paused once in so she could get herself in order, she screamed and gushed, then I started the slow movement at first, with my balls brushing up and down firm hips pussy and she moaned in appreciation.

I increased my tempo slapping her ass cheeks as I rammed her

‘Oh Lawd, do it again pl-e-ase’ she said, I rammed into her deep and just as she was about to cum, I slipped out and penetrated Miss Firm Hips and continued with the tempo I used on Miss Hour Glass Shape, I pumped into her very tight pussy with all my energy

‘Oh my, please hit me just like that, I love it, just like that, don’t stop, please, take all of me’ she cried out, her voice started breaking and tears of ecstasy flowed down her cheeks

‘Damn, you are gonna make me squirt’

‘Do, with all pleasure baby’ I replied she let out a shriek and let it all out, squirt after squirt, I kissed her on the lips and continued hitting her hard her walls contracted but I didn’t mind, I wanted her to cum all over my dick, she had a pussy that would make you beg for more, I rammed in deeper and that did it, her body jerked whilst she climaxed, I took her in slow strokes till she relaxed, I got out of her and motioned on Miss Hour Glass Shape to come sit on me, she obeyed and started humping instantly.

She was trying so hard to impress me but my mind was on Miss Firm Hips’ pussy and I closed my eyes and pictured her fucking me, she was lying close to me so I placed my hand on her boobs and played with it.

With her on my mind, my dick started to swell and the Miss Hour Glass Shape girl got the memo determined not to be left out grinded her hips so as to climax with me and we did climax together with me pulling in the tight pussy by my side for a full deep kiss.

I got up and checked my phone, wow time has been far spent, it’s evening already and I have 5 missed calls and 24 messages, I opened the message first and Ob was on top of the list. I opened his and it read thus

‘Lekan how far nah? You never shag those shima finish? When the party dey start and where he dey hold, dick head.’

I just texted him back amidst laughter

‘Make una come hotel I don finish, I go discharge one, we go all go from here.’ I walked to the Miss Hour Glass Shape girl kissed her forehead and asked her to go clean up and dress up, when she was done I gave her a bundle of naira notes and discharged her, turning to the other girl, I said

‘Come freshen up with me, we have a party to attend.’



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