Erotic Episodes: Bass & Lauren’s naughty shower play

I woke up with a huge smile on my face. Staring at the ceiling just like I always did whenever I woke up in my own room. Only in this case, I wasn’t on my bed or in my room. I was in some nice hotel room in Surulere with a gorgeous lady sleeping right next to me.

Even more different was the fact that there was no fan to stare at unlike in my room. Talk about some good air conditioning system.

I closed my eyes and said my usual prayer

‘God thank you for another day above ground’.

I said no more, no less. Some pastor had drilled it into my head when I was little that all you needed to do was thank God every day, do not ask for anything more. Just be grateful for what he has done and what he is going to do.

I am not all that religious but it made a whole lot of sense to me, after what Lauren had done to me overnight, I sure had to be thankful. It was more or less a situation of her fucking me all through.

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Even when we switched over to doggy and she was screaming her lungs off, it still felt like she was the one fucking me and not me pounding and spanking her. I enjoyed every single bit of it all, and to think I still woke up with a boner, even aching.

Maybe I did have a problem after all. I turned over to look at Lauren who was still sleeping as peacefully as could be. You know I could really get used to this relationship life and all. Olumide, snap out of it.

You are barely twenty four hours in and you are already being all mushy. I sat up in bed and shook my head at my erect dick. Please do remind me again, what do people in relationship do? What does it entail?

Because to me, a relationship is a step to marriage but these days, I don’t think that’s how it works. Think relationships are more for the company and fun it comes with. So now using my own definition of what exactly relationships are meant to be, did I really see a future with Lauren as a wife?

I scratched my chin looking for an answer. None came so I got out of bed as quietly as I could. And walked butt naked to the bathroom, put on the warm shower and stood under.

My favorite thinking place, if I couldn’t get an answer here then there was no answer. The warm water was all over me in no time, eyes closed and I was in my zone or so I thought. Because all I could think of what Lauren riding me, fucking Lauren over a dining table. Pulling a gown over her ass and finding no panties and fucking her up against the wall, and even though I was standing underneath running hot water, my dick was still hard.

Was this relationship goals? Thinking of just fucking your partner all around? Well if it was, I could think of a million other scenarios where I had fucked girls in my head.

So was I in a ‘relationship’ with them? I shook that notion out of my head.

“What are you thinking about?” Came a voice from behind. I was startled but didn’t show it. Learnt to mask emotions very quickly.

“Nothing really except the fact that you are probably going to kill me” I answered without turning around to look at her but now my eyes were open.

She laughed and I felt her move closer behind me.

“Really?” She said in a whisper I heard just faintly. She was behind me now and I could feel her nipples poking on my back.

“And how do you think I would do that?” She slid her hand to the front and grabbed my dick which in all its stupidity was nodding like an idiot.

“Just like that” now I was the one whispering.

“How do you mean?” She was turning me around already as she was saying this and going on her knees. My eyes went back to their closed state.

Olumide, just enjoy her mouth and forget relationship for now! And that’s what I did.

Enjoying the slow motion of her lips taking me into that warm mouth and the motion on the way out again. The running shower just made it all the more crazy that I didn’t know when both hands were holding onto her face and fucking her mouth slowly.

It was my turn this morning and not hers and I sure was going to enjoy every moment of it. She was going no hands on me, all that was involved was my dick, her mouth and my hands on her head. I took them off, let’s just leave the theme at no hands, then she changed it by grabbing my balls.

The field was now very much uneven and she wanted me to cum.

I also wanted to but not this way. So I decided to abandon the field, I grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her up. Turned her around having her place her hands right on the wall. Positioned in such a way that the shower was hitting directly between her ass cheeks.

I had no time to tease or go with foreplays again, I dug straight into her pussy in one full thrust. I guess she wasn’t expecting it judging by the scream she let out. I did not pause, I kept on thrusting into her with an energy I didn’t know I still had left. I grabbed her hips tight and then noticed how good her ass looked with water running all over it.

I raised a hand and spanked her as hard as I could. She didn’t scream this time, all I heard was a whimper. I was pretty sure she was biting her lips trying very hard not to yell out so I spanked again and again till she was shouting. That just pushed me over the edge and I emptied myself into her pussy.

I bent her over and rested on her as we both tried to get our senses back. I was wet enough, I stood up and walked back into the room all dripping. I never did like to use a towel not to talk of using a towel in some hotel room.

So I just kept pacing around the room and then remembered I had not even checked my phone since I woke up or since last night sef. I had put it up on silent since we checked into the room.

No disturbance, things you do for a ‘relationship’.

I picked up my phone and was stunned for the next few seconds. There was fifteen missed calls, and fourteen of them were from Eva.



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