Erotic Story: Lily and the fine boy at the supermarket [Part 2]

‘It’s very interesting what they did with it’ Blessing started, as she began sitting up

‘Umhmm’ I replied

‘They mixed good entertainment with education, its just genius’ she continued

‘Ummhmm and we can just watch and not miss that education’ I said looking at her

She hit me slightly and laughed lying down back on the centre rug, we watched the series that was mostly about young people and sex, with Blessing making comments in between.

I was glad she was back.

It’s a new dawn. My phone started to ring, I checked the caller I.D and sat up in excitement, it was the cashier from the supermarket where I met my mystery guy. I had visited there so many times, and finally bribed her to call me whenever he showed up. I answered, and she told me he just walked in.

‘He’s there’ I said shaking Blessing.

‘Who’s where?’ She replied looking confused.

‘Mystery man’ I said on top of my voice

‘Then let’s go’ she said standing up

I made to go change when she dragged me back and made a point that I was wearing shorts and I might miss him if I go about playing dress up.

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I grabbed my keys and dashed out I drove like I was in a mad car chase.

‘Why do I let you drive again’ Blessing asked holding on to her seat

We got to the supermarket and I ran in leaving Blessing in the car, I frantically searched different aisles till I found him going through some shelves.

‘Hey’ I started

‘Remember me’ I smiled

He paused for a minute smiled and a lopsided smile

‘Yeah, from the other day, huh’

Seriously, we fucking had sex and that’s all I get ‘huh’ I exhaled and continued

‘Quite the other day huh, you were in me and I didn’t even get your name’

‘I’m sorry about that I’m….’

‘I finally found it, I had to search through all….’

A lady interrupted before trailing off when she noticed me. There was a brief moment of silence, and that’s when I noticed the ring on her finger.

‘Honey’, she nudged him

‘Hey’ I started sounding rather high pitched

‘I’m Lily, I paint and I was just wondering if he would like a portrait, I just thought he would look great on a canvas, you must be the missus’ I said looking down at her ring.

‘Yeah, as much as I would love to chat about this, we have to go’ she said dragging the word we.

‘Oh sure I said’, feeling super awkward.

I made to leave when she asked for my card I made a poor excuse for not having it on me, she handed me hers and left. I limped back to my car, slouched on my seat and put my head on the steering wheel.

‘That doesn’t look good’ Blessing said putting her hand on my back.

‘He’s married’ I blurted out

‘Ouch’ I heard her say.

I handed her the card sitting up and she laughed, I gave her a really cold look

‘Oh no no, I wasn’t laughing at you, but what are the chances, I actually do business with the wife’ she said

‘I’m sorry Lily, how about you come with me to my company’s dinner party tonight’ she said

‘I already told you I don’t want to bore myself to death’, I said starting the car.

‘There will be free expensive booze you know’, she smirked

‘Sold!’ I said and we laughed.

We got back to my place and Blessing did all she could to distract me till she had to go check on the preparations of the party but not after making me promised to show up, it wasn’t a bad idea.

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Free booze and a chance of finding a new hunk to get my mind off the married one, I don’t swim in the married people lake.

After she left I went up to my studio and poured my frustration and disappointments unto a canvas. I came down after a couple of hours and took a shower, I settled for a black short gown, applied a light make up and stepped into a pair of red bottoms stilettos.

I headed to Blessing’s place and found a parking space she reserved for me, I made to go in when I got stopped by the bouncers; I had no invite, few minutes later Blessing came to get me apologising for the mix up, her living room looked different and spacious without most of the furniture, she got me a drink and went to welcome some guests.

I stood there feeling out of place I went to get myself another drink and that’s when I ran into them, it was my mystery man and his pretty wife hand in hand.

‘What are the chances Lily, are you stalking us’ she said smiling

‘Oh no, I am friends with..’

‘Chioma dear’ Blessing interrupted us hugging her; she engaged her and soon was dragging her away leaving me with her husband. We stood in awkward, before he broke the silence

‘I know what you’re thinking’ he started calmly

‘You can’t possibly’ I snapped at him

‘Come with me’ He said

He had quite the nerve asking me to come with him, I made to leave when he held my hand and practically dragged me outside, he kept walking and stopped between two parked cars, we stood facing each other, he leaned in and kissed me, I pushed him away and after a second he kissed me again.

I pushed him again, he pulled me into him and kissed me holding me tight against him, I felt my tense body ease up slowly and soon I was kissing him back, my body was getting heated, he kissed my neck and kept going down kissing the top of my boobs.

He pulled my gown to my waist, shifted my pant to the side and pushed a finger in, he pulled my hair back and pushed in another finger in, I parted my legs giving him more access, he started to finger fuck me hard, as he moved in and out he kept hitting my engorged clit making me moan out, he kissed my neck pushing in deeper, I bite my lip and came hard on his fingers, he smiled pulled out his fingers and put them in his mouth.

He held me and spun me around on the car, I heard him unzip and soon felt the head of his dick rubbing my pussy making me push my ass back into him, without warning he slammed into me, his hands came around my neck choking me slightly, he rammed into me fast and hard making me moan out a little too loudly.

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He moved in and out faster increasing the pressure on my neck, he pushed in deeper and grunted into my ear as he filled me with cum, he pulled out and I adjusted my pant, pulled down my gown and walked away smiling to myself, I entered the party and bumped into someone.

‘I’m sorry’ I started picking up her purse.

‘You should be’ she said

‘Didn’t you just fuck my husband’ she continued.

‘I er didn’t’ I stuttered

‘I recognise that smile, I used to have it, his mystery is his appeal you know, run now when you still can’

She said walking away leaving me standing there looking dumb folded


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