Why do women find it hard to apologize in relationships?

Love is not about perfection… and as every lover knows, misunderstandings are bound to happen once in a while.

What makes lovers stronger and closer, what strengthens the emotional ties they have is their ability to always reconcile and move away from negativity.

This process is usually set in motion by a partner apologising, and the other partner forgiving enough to accept that apology.

According to online survey, when it comes to offering apologies in relationships, women don’t excel that much.

Maybe not talk about work tonight?Men are taught to always apologize even when they are not wrong

When asked in an article online, about 85% of readers said women are really bad at apologizing while the remaining 15% disagree with that opinion.

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It is unclear, however, if women don’t apologize because they don’t know how to, or because they are just not humble enough to do so.

Things you shouldn't say on first datesWomen are unconsciously taught to not take responsibility?

One way to understand this behaviour is to consider how guys are often told before marriage to be ready to apologize to their wives even when they are not wrong so as to keep the peace and happiness in the marriage/relationship.

That somehow teaches women to not take responsibilty for their actions in their relationships and marriages, right?

But is that really why this non-apologetic trait seems quite popular or are there some other reasons for this?

Please share your thought in the comment section

Why are women terrible at apologizing in relationships?»

  • Pride.
  • They don’t know how to.
  • Only men should apologize in relationships.

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