Erotic Story: Her Bahamas Vacation [Part 2]

He knelt down to me and we kissed. It was as if he knew me even better than my own husband did. He kissed me deeply, and with passion, the way I needed to be. His hand moved down my body reaching between my thighs.

My legs opened, unconsciously inviting him into my hot, wet pussy.

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I moaned as loudly as his previous woman did, when he moved my lace panties aside and his long fingers began to tease my clit. He pulled the satin ribbon of my gown and released my boobs. At first, he softly sucked on each of my nipples and then, with a passionate lust.

It felt as if he needed me as much as I needed him. I pressed his head hard against my breasts as he began to finger fuck me while he continued to pleasure my boobs. Then his fingers rose from my pussy and he spread my juices onto my nipples. He pushed my boobs up towards my face, and I licked my juices from them while he did the same.

I had never done this before, and tasting myself on my nipples and his tongue only turned me on even more.

He quickly left my boobs and reappeared with his face between my legs. He pressed my knees up to my chest and licked me slowly from my pussy to my clit. I pinched my left nipple between my fingers, as my right hand pressed his head deeper into my pussy. He ate me out with a passion I had never felt before. When he licked my ass and started to tongue fuck it, I thought I would die.

My girlfriend had told me how much she loved to have her ass licked by her husband. I thought it was the nastiest thing I had ever heard of. It was, the nastiest, naughtiest, sexiest feeling I had ever felt, and I loved it!

My body trembled with excitement as he moved back to sucking my clit, while finger fucking my pussy with three fingers and his middle finger stroking against my ass. I moaned louder than I ever had before as the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had overtook me.

When the stars faded from my eyes and my body stopped trembling, I saw his cum-soaked face grinning between my legs. I pulled him up from the back of his neck and kissed him deeply, praising him for his talents. I could feel his dick pressing against my thigh and I desperately wanted to see his dick up close. As if he knew what I was thinking, he stood up and let me reach up to his waistband.

I slowly curled the waistband down and moved closer to my prize. I bit my lip again as I revealed his tight, curly jet-black hairs and the thick base of his dick. With every inch I moved down, the more mesmerized I became until his large dick popped.

I grabbed the base of his dick with my right hand while the other massaged his heavy balls. My manicured nails looked so sexy in contrast to his big black balls. I massaged and stroked his dick until I saw a drop of pre-cum at the tip of his swollen head. I let out a deep breath of hot air and I slowly licked the clear juice from the groove of his dick. He tasted delectable, sweet and salty at the same time, and I had never been so spellbound by the taste of a man.

I immediately took the head of his dick into my mouth and sucked as if I was sucking a thick milk shake through a small straw.

Before I knew what was going on, he had pulled me back, flipped me over to my knees, and was rubbing his thick dick against my pussy lips from behind. I gripped my ass cheeks apart with both hands.

I thought I was ready, but when he pushed his big dick into my tight pussy, the pleasure was overwhelming. My pussy opened up and soaked, then greedily sucked him deeper inside. When he pulled back with the first stroke, my pussy was overwhelmed, and my hips pushed back instantly to capture his cock deep in me again.

Then he took total control. He pulled me back to him by my shoulder length hair, not so hard that it hurt, but with just enough force to let me know he was in control. He fucked me with power and force that I had never felt before. I yelled and begged him to fuck my pussy harder and harder until my eyes rolled back in my head. Then body started shaking like a lone leaf on a branch on harmattan. The orgasm I had was three times as powerful as the last.

My body became extremely sensitive and I felt him explode deep inside my pussy and our juices streaming down my thighs. We both somehow found our way to the bed and fell asleep together.

The next morning I awoke to find him in the shower. I was sure he would have gone, but he hadn’t. I joined him and learned his name was Edet while I stroked his dick in the shower. I couldn’t help myself but to have breakfast immediately, and took his dick into my mouth.

I found myself hungrily taking him all the way down my throat until he came in my mouth. I was so hungry for Edet, I was sure not to let a drop waste.

During the next two weeks, Edet pleasured me with many erotic experiences that I never thought I would try or imagined I would experience. We even had our own late night escapade in the pool.


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