3 types of men who cheat & how to spot them

tories and occurrences over the years have shown that even the most unlikely people fall into the trap of unfaithfulness.

A man could be the loveliest husband and most caring father, he could be the most attentive, most affectionate boyfriend and a serial cheat at the same time.

How then does one spot a cheating partner, or the ones most likely to cheat?

There are about three types of men who may be inclined to cheat and this is how to recognize them.

The deprived may also be inclined to cheat

Mr. Unappreciated

The type of men who fall into this category may appear to you as sweet lost puppies, but they are far, far from that.

Beneath that façade, they usually have no true emotional connection and just want validation and attention from you.

“Mr. Lonely has a history of putting others first and now has a strong need for appreciation … and this hasn’t been happening — maybe ever.

He tries to focus on healing his hurt by connecting with [another woman],”

To know if a man falls in this category, check to see if  “he put others first, yet he is not happy about it.” That lack of appreciation is what drives him to cheat

Mr. Deprived

There might be aspects of this guy’s relationship/marriage that works but after months, maybe years of sexual frustration, he wants to stray.

“Though he and his wife may be good friends, he’s in the midst of a sexual self-esteem crisis and believes sex with you is a key piece to happiness.”

Cheating men

How to spot him: Mr. Deprived may come across as extra flirty, and make unwelcomed sexual jokes and comments.

“He’ll tell you his wife does not like sex,” says the psychologist.

Mr. Ready

Men like these are often mentally done with their relationships/marriages, and need to move on to something better but sad thing is; they do not intend to settle with you.

You are more like a temporary stop for them; something like the appetizer one devours having been hungry for a long time.

The main dish is coming and by then, the bowl in which the appetizer was served would have been cleared off the table.

This type of man is the hardest one to resist because he’s actually mentally out of his marriage, and he lets you know this so as to keep you locked down.

But has he really ended that marriage?


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