4 reasons why married people need joint bank accounts

There comes a stage in a relationship where it’ll become unreasonable to not broach the subject of finance/money.

For instance, when partners start thinking in lines of marriage, or when a proposal has been made and a future together seems almost certain.

At that stage, one of the most-necessary things to discuss is the possibility of a joint account.

Many couples shy away from this, and even a recent online shows this reluctance.

Those who said no to a joint account with their partners in that poll did so because according to them, “they did not trust those partners like that.”

To cherish and to loveMarriages need money to remain happy


On one hand financial trust is so necessary for any marriage to remain healthy and free of toxicity; and on the other hand, having a joint account with a partner has its own benefits and when partners choose to pool their financial resources in one place, the three wonderful possibilities below become open to them…

1. Shared goals are achieved

Couples are meant to help each other grow, and they are expected to also grow together.

A joint bank account could play a vital role in achieving those combined goals because, obviously, the money is more and can be used for the greater good of the family – new home, new car, school fees abroad… etc.


2. Accountability

When couples choose to operate a joint account, each spouse can see what the other is spending, which means each of them would be more accountable than if they had separate accounts.

There are relationship issues that are just as unhealthy for your relationship as infidelitySpouses become more accountable to each other

3. Crisis management

Couples who have merged bank accounts are also more likely to survive a disaster or temporary downturn in fortune.

4. Reflects a great marriage

Logically, couples who feel comfortable agreeing to a joint account trust each other than those who would never even consider it.

Being in loveCouples who have no qualms about joint accounts are most likely trusting and committed to each other

It is also a pointer to the likelihood that both partners are committed to achieving goals together, and truly merging every facet of their lives as marriage should really be.

When spouses bat no eyelid before saying yes to a joint account, it is very much a sign of a healthy union, where trust and commitment are at their peak.


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