PanWeddings: 25 things to do on the week before your wedding

Somehow that random guy you accidentally bumped into a year ago is about to be your husband.

You can’t even believe you have come this far, right?

Meeting someone, sharing moments, opening up your heart and letting them into your worst fears; letting them know your biggest worries and loving each other despite the inherent flaws and imperfections.

It’s what makes love all the more enchanting, and that’s why you’re about to unlock a new level of that sensational feeling when you walk down the aisle with the love of your life soon.

The few days before a wedding have proven to be full of activities – loads of undone stuff and several deadlines to meet.

Best locations to propose to babeFrom stranger to sweetheart: Isn’t it amazing how far you have come with your boo?

To avoid leaving some details unattended to and entering into panic mode on the morning of your wedding, here is a list of all the things  you should do on the week leading to your wedding:

1. Have a rehearsal with your dress on

2. Try on your shoes and leave it on for a considerable amount of time. Do this a number of times in the week preceding your wedding

3, Chat with your wedding planner

4. Clear out all to-do lists you may have from work. Reply all emails too.

5.Get as much sleep as possible

Spend some time with your bridesmaids 

6. Clean up the apartment you’re marrying into

7. Pack your honey moon bags. Better to start early so as not to forget anything

8. Read your wedding vows out loud [To love and cherish… till death do us part]

9. Call your inlaws [your groom’s mum] to say hello

10. Assign who’s going to be in charge of gift collection

11. Spend some time with your bridesmaids [even if it’s via skype]

12. Confirm who’s giving a toast

13. Be sure of who will have your second dress [if you have a second dress]

14. Glam up them nails, girl!

15. Have some time alone with your Fiancé

16. Reach a plan with him on how you’ll both escape when the party’s getting too long and you both need to get out [wink]

17. Get a facial

18. Visit the spa and get some queen treatment

Boudoir Pictures: One more reason for your new husband to be mad over youBe adventurous. Get some boudoir pictures 

19. Indulge yourself on your biggest cravings

20. Call special guests again

21. Get some boudoir photos

22. Write your groom a love note

23. Send vendors their final payments

24. Put together a list of party/romantic songs you and your man love’

25. Now take a deep breath and get ready to have fun!!!


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