Erotic Story: Lily and the fine boy at the supermarket

Charlotte’s wedding engagement was a success and I got my long time fantasy come to live, it had been a great week meeting up with Uncle George every week for some good loving, my parent had made me stayed for an extra week which I spent working on most of my mum’s friends portraits.

I had to make up an excuse to leave before she start setting me up on blind dates, but being back felt a bit lonely, Blessing had travelled for another business trip and my house needs some cleaning.

Here I am at a supermarket, close to my place trying to shop for some basic things I needed for my house, I moved my cart from one aisle to another feeling slightly irked at how disorganized they were. I grabbed a jar of Nutella and carted to another aisle where the condoms were kept, I smiled as I saw they had my brand and my favorite flavor, I reached to grab one when I felt a hand that reached for it at the same time cover mine, I looked up to see a guy with the most beautiful dark skin I’ve seen.

He was a bit skinny with a pretty face even though he was frowning, he was slightly taller than me and was wearing a grey t-shirt with a striped deeper grey shirt, I don’t know how long we stood staring at each other without saying anything

‘This way’ he finally said.

We both knew what we wanted even without talking, he led me behind the last poorly lit aisle, I have done a lot of crazy stuff and had sex in all sort of crazy places but not really a supermarket, as soon as we were behind the aisle he pulled me into him covering my lips with his, he kissed deeper slightly biting my lower lip, I could feel the hair on my skin rise, he reached and grab my hair pulled my head down and kissed my neck, he slipped his hands down my trouser.

I’ve never been happier to be wearing sweatpants, he pushed his hands into my panty and rubbed my clit making me moan softly, he grabbed my boob and squeezed my nipple through my shirt, he pushed my trouser down and pushed his finger into my pussy and moved it out, he rubbed the wet finger on my clit, pushed it in again and this time he took it out and put the finger in his mouth.

I saw him smile slightly, he unzipped his trouser, tore out the condom and cover his sizeable dick with the rubber, the smell of  bananas filled my nostrils, he lifted one of my legs, shifted my panty and slid into me, one hand held my neck and another was grabbing my ass, he moved in and out very fast, I buried my face on his neck to muffle my moans; he smelt of a lovely cologne with a waft of cigarette, he squeezed my ass digging his nails into my soft flesh, he moved in and out fast while kissing my neck.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and came hard, my leg was trembling as I tried to not wobble down, he pushed in deeper filling the rubber with his cum, he pulled out and I leaned on the shelves to gather my composure, he pulled off the condom tied it and zipped his trouser and just left, it took me a second to realize I didn’t even know his name, I pulled my trousers up quickly, composed myself and came out from behind all the shelves, grabbed my cart and rushed towards the cashier only to see him leaving.

I apologized to the cashier and told her I’ll be right back. I rushed out to see him driving away, I stood there cursing under my breath, I went back in and asked the cashier if she knew who he was or his name to which she said “No”.

I’ve not been this happy and frustrated at the same time, I paid for my stuffs and went to my car still thinking about what just happened, total undiluted whore thing to do. What if we got caught? Jeez

I got home after a brief stop at a wine shop, I poured myself a glass and opened my laptop trying to figure out what how to find him, it would have been easier if I at least knew his name, I opened google and typed in ‘cute guy with a black Mercedes convertible’ feeling stupid afterwards but that dint stop me from going through all the pictures that popped up.

After 40mins of futile search with different phrases I gave up and decided to drink more instead, when I was slightly drunk an idea shone bright in my head, maybe I should go to the supermarket more, I made to go get my keys when I change my mind as my living room began spinning; I sat back down and decide I would go the next day, I have to find the one that got away.



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