Eze’s NYSC camp sexcapades [Part 1]

Mrs. Bimbo gazed idly out of her window across the parade square and sighed heavily. It was another tedious day of dull administrative duties, completing reports about youth corpers were undergoing their orientation at the makeshift camp. At first, she had been happy to be sent here following a broken marriage in town, glad to be away from painful reminders. But now she was getting bored and restless, her body ached to be touched by someone other than herself, and she was very much in the mood for some good hard, loving from whomever she could get it.
Her mind drifted back to the arrival night, just a few weeks ago, and the wonderful smooching sessions she’d had with a certain young, handsome corper who’s name she didn’t know, but whom she certainly wouldn’t mind getting better acquainted with.

Things hadn’t had a chance to go any further, far too many people around and they could both get into trouble, but that hadn’t stopped her fantasizing about him since, and wondering if there was any way she could plan to have him.

She put down her pen and stretched, her huge, firm breasts straining against the white blouse, almost threatening to spill a couple of buttons open. She looked down and admired them, gently running her fingers over her nipples which responded immediately, showing hard under the starched material.

Gently, she rubbed her soft thighs together, thinking how good it would feel to have that young, hard horny man lying between them and giving her the hard pounding she needed. She could feel herself getting wet just at the thought of it.

Her daydreaming was halted suddenly by a loud knock on the door of her office. She quickly gathered her thoughts and called ‘come in’. But the visitor, when he came in, wasn’t someone who was going to keep her calm for long.

The door opened and her heart leapt and her stomach contracted with excitement as in walked the corper named Eze, her young sexy man from the arrival night she had fantasized about, and also. Bimbo made herself comfortable behind her desk, aware of the fact that she was sitting in such a way as to make her enormous breasts strain once more against her white shirt, eyeing up the young corper as he walked up to her desk.

Bimbo enjoyed the sight of the young corper seated formally and appropriately behind her desk. He had his eye on her for quite a while, ever since he had been posted from the east. She had an absolutely fantastic pair of breasts on her, a round ass, and he had often thought of what it would be like to have that soft, warm, succulent body twisting beneath him, gasping in pleasure at what his hard dick would be doing to her. Especially after the sexy encounter he had with her that night and he had not had a chance to follow up, until now.

He snapped himself to attention in front of her and saluted, aware of the fact that his tailored clothing were starting to feel somewhat tight in the crotch.

“Good morning corper Eze” she said calmly, allowing her eyes to travel up and down his hard strong body.

“Madam” he replied, and he arrogantly did the same with her, looking her up and down very slowly, almost rudely.

“So what can I do for you, corper?”

Eze resisted the urge to tell her to get her breasts out and her panties off for him, and he handed over the bundle of papers he had with him. He hadn’t needed to bring them with him this morning at all, but he was feeling horny and very naughty, and the thought of fucking the sexy Yoruba lady in front of him that most of his fellow corpers were fantasizing over, made him as hot as hell. And today, he was going to have her.

Bimbo took the papers from him, frowning slightly.

“Well thank you corper, but what exactly are these? I wasn’t expecting anything.”

She flicked through the paperwork, which appeared to be various write-up about some of her report who had been caught misbehaving around the camp, including one lady who had been caught having wild and illicit sex with a .soldier at the back of the hostel

Bimbo smirked to herself and raised her twinkling eyes to look into the gorgeous face of her sexy corper.

“The lucky bitch, fucking behind the hostel as if it were a brothel.” She said to him and saw him grin back at her. Fuck, he was even sexier when he smiled.

“I heard she was very lucky indeed, very satisfied in fact.” he replied, never taking his eyes off her face.

Bimbo felt herself grow hot under his gaze; her nipples began to harden and she felt her stomach contract involuntarily with excitement. The way he looked at her, as if he was undressing her with his eyes; such a cliché she thought, but true. Christ, if only he could rip off her clothes for real and put those hard, strong hands onto her soft, willing, sex starved body. Damn, how she needed some dick, and she felt her pussy starting to wet slightly.

She didn’t realize it, but as she thought of being pounded by the corper in front of her, she had been staring dreamingly at him, gasping, and her nipples hardening even more. It looked to Eze as if they were trying to burst out of the confines of the bra beneath her tight shirt and get themselves into his hands and into his mouth. His gaze held hers, and he felt his dick begin to harden again in his trousers.

From what he had heard, Bimbo hadn’t had any dick since she had arrived here 3 months ago, and now, as she sat, breathless, and with nipples the size of bullets across the desk from him, it was clear she needed a good hard pounding badly. She needed him and his rough dick. He could feel his erection swelling in his trousers, not caring if she noticed and hoping that she would.

His wish came true as she lowered her gaze and noticed the growing bulge between his legs. ‘Oh Christ’ she thought and bit her lip to stop herself from saying it out loud. She became aware of how sexually charged the atmosphere had become. Sex suddenly seemed to fill the air, and she couldn’t believe what it was going to make her do.

“Are you good at obeying orders, corper Eze?” she asked him, looking straight into his dark eyes.

“Of course, madam.”

“Then go and lock my door and shut the louvers.”

Eze did exactly as he was told. Was he really about to live out one of his favourite fantasies of fucking a woman in control? To make her lose her cool, show her what a real man was like instead of those pot-bellied men. He wasn’t going to fuck just any lady, but he was going to fill the hole of the sexy lady he had been watching for weeks and of whom he thought of when he wanked one off in the toilet, or wherever else he found privacy to do it.

He locked the door and turned round to see she had now stood up and was now on his side of the desk. Her round ass was on the edge of the desk, and he was glad to see she was wearing a skirt and wasn’t one of those so modern ladies who liked to spend their life in trousers. Eze didn’t mind if she wanted to spend her time in trousers, providing the trousers she was spending her time in were his.

As he walked back towards her slowly, he thought of how fucking sexy it would be to pull up that skirt to around her waist, and fuck her while she was still wearing the rest of her clothes. He felt her eyes upon him as he closed the shut of the louvers, and turned to watch her, seeing how those eyes were shining with excitement. Finally, he came back to the desk and stood right in front of her.

He pulled off his cap and flung it down onto the desk behind her, knowing this was one time he definitely wasn’t going to be getting a punishment for removing his cap in front of principal staff. They were barely two inches apart, facing each other, feeling the heat from one another’s body. Bimbo couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but the lust in her was too strong, and this man was too sexy for her to resist.

“Do you know, corper, I don’t think I’m going to do much about that report. Maybe tell her to be more, well, careful in future. But I can’t blame her for having a good time. I’m quite jealous of her really.”

Bimbo spoke quietly, her voice slightly throaty. Her hand reached out as she spoke, and she trailed her long, slim fingers lightly across the front of Eze’s uniform trousers, her touch a little hesitant as she felt his hard, strong chest and belly beneath the fabric.

“Has it been a long time, madam? By the looks of it, you’re choking for it.” he said softly, stepping forward now so that they were barely apart. Their faces were almost touching, his nose just brushing hers, lips within kissing distanc e.

“I’ve been watching you for a while Eze, admiring that sexy body of yours, seeing how you look at me , thinking of what it would be like if you had me.”

Her lips just brushed his as she finished speaking. Jesus, she ached for him now, the longing, the need for him was so intense. Eze’s right arm slipped slowly around her waist, his hand glided down her black skirt, feeling her firm round ass, smoothing over her rapidly moistening panties.

He pulled her firmly against him so that she could be in no doubt that the feelings she had for him were mutual, and that he was standing to attention in more ways than one for her.

Wordlessly, he took the hand that was stroking his chest and guided it down to his crotch. He let go of it momentarily to undo his zip, then shoved her hand inside his trouser to feel the hot, hard dick that he wanted to give to her.

Their lips still touched, brushing against each other. She gasped when she felt him, he felt so good; hot, thick and rock hard. She didn’t give a fuck about how wrong the situation was, how much trouble they would get into if anyone found out; the lady in command taking advantage of young corper. But all Bimbo could think of now was Eze’s cock, and how much she wanted and needed it.

“I’ve been watching you madam,” he whispered to her, “Thinking of how I can have you, how I can get to bury my head in between your large boobs, run my hands all over your sexy body. Show you what it’s like to be fucked by a real man. Wanting to feel your hot, wet, pussy round my hard dick, seeing you behave like a common whore. And I’m going to have you.”

Suddenly, he pulled her right into him and kissed her hard, shoving his tongue into her hot mouth, not giving her the chance to think or to change her mind and say no. She moaned into his open mouth, and he felt her rock solid nipples, huge and swollen, press hard against his chest. She let go of his dick to wrap her arms around him and pull herself even closer into him. His hard dick now poked out of the opening of his trousers, rubbing against her skirt. There was no going back now.

“Take me!” she moaned at him. “Have me now, I need you.” she panted as they kept kissing. Hard, deep thrusting kisses, hands all over each other, giving into the lust that they couldn’t contain any longer.

Eze kissed her all over her face, the soft cheeks, her jaw line, her soft neck, his hands in her neat braided hair, grabbing the soft strands in his hands as they tumbled down.

She tipped back her head, breathing hard, her body on fire for him as she felt his hungry mouth on the soft skin of her neck.

“You’re going to be my whore, madam.” he breathed to her, “For me to do whatever I like to you. I’m going to suck hard on your breasts, then shove my hard dick in your hot wet hole and thrust it in and out of you till you’re filled with my cum.


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