6 ways to leave a great first impression on boo’s parents


So you and your MCM have been in love for a while and the love you share for each other keeps growing like well-tended roses.

The time has come for him to take you to his mom and dad as the one, and now you are nervous, wondering what is expected of you…

Do not fret; below are five helpful tips that’ll leave your boo’s parents very impressed on your first contact with them.

1. How you dress

Of course, you can maintain your style and elegance – you can’t afford to lose that.

The thing is, you need to keep things as modest as possible. Makeup, your outfit, nails, lashes… everything.

All you need is just to be modest… no need to drop your gorgeousness (Aeroberry)

Keep in mind that most African parents are conservative, regardless of their religion.

2.Go with a gift

It does not have to be something over the roof, just a little thoghtful gesture. Ask your boyfriend for help here


3. Know the kind of people they are

Yu should ask your guy what kind of people his parents are. Sure, he should be there to guide and make you feel comfortable, but ask ahead for the kind of things that impress his mom, and the ones that impress his dad.

Different strokes for different folks, so there have to be some things that will particularly impress your boo’s popsy and momsy.


4. Chores

You absolutely have to actually offer to assist with some chores around. The easiest and most reasonable thing to do is to offer to help with the dishes after the meal [if you had one with them.]

5. Watch your reaction with kids

Nigerian, and indeed parents everywhere will rate you poorly if you are bad or harsh with kids, if there are any around on the day you visit them.

Don’t even put it past a Nigerian mum to intentionally have some grandkids around so as to watch you with them.

So, be as charming and lovable with kids as much as possible. Start learning if you don’t know how to.

6. Be yourself

Overall, while you want to impress and leave a good mark on them; you also want to be sure you are not overdoing things.

You don’t want to appear desperate, so just play it cool and be yourself.

Don’t forget; you are a young, beautiful and gorgeous woman.

Who wouldn’t love you?


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