Why do married men lie about their marital status?


Why would a married man with a wife and kids deny them just to cheat?

What drives men to forget their marital vows, their sense of duty and their sense of responsibility, and go after someone else?

This terrible behavior has been around for so long that every adult must have seen or heard about someone who risked it all for a taste of forbidden fun outside matrimony.

In recent weeks, one example which has stood out for all to see is Thin Tall Tony, one of the evicted contestants on the ongoing Big Brother Nigeria Contest.


Like almost everyone on the show, TTT got involved with a housemate of the opposite sex, involving in some steamy activities on live TV.

As if that was not enough, when he was expressly asked if he was married or not, he refused to say YES as many expected him to do because, truly, not only is he married, he also has two kids.

His has been said to be a special case; and in his defense, he has said everything he did was all part of a game plan. He probably did all that to win the competition grand prize of #25million. [Questioning the validity or otherwise of that excuse is not the reason for this article though.]

So, away from TTT and his pursuit of #25million, the biggest reason why married men hide their wedding rings, deny their wives and kids is just to get sex from other unsuspecting women – plain and simple.

It all boils down to the selfish need to feel the thrill of sleeping with someone else.

This need could have been triggered by several reasons. It could have been caused by intentional or unintentional sexual neglect by their wives, sexual addiction on their part, or just plain sexual indiscipline.


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