Ladies, Read this!10 things men want and how to give it to them

Men aren’t complicated human beings, almost the most straight forward creatures there is which translate to it being very easy to please and make things happen for them.Unless you’re dealing with the childish ones, or the ones that want to give you the run-around. It really isn’t that difficult to please men, but for people who don’t know how to make these happen.

Here are a few pointers to what men want and how you can make it happen for them. So, you’re the first in his mind… hopefully, as recommended by Women’s Health Magazine.

1. Talk like a man

This isn’t a thinly veiled attempt at insulting how women talk, but the thing is women tend to talk more into details, like a complete story while men sort of deal better with high lights. If there is a point to be made, can it be made quickly? While narrating the story of how your colleague gave you the eye that you’re trying to decipher, you don’t have to talk about how you first spoke to the person two weeks ago and how it walks its way down to the awkward eye she gave you because of the low crop top you’re wearing.

This is what it means to talk like a man, get to the point ASAP, Lobatan! It’s not that we don’t like to hear your voice, we absolutely love it but sometimes give us the highlight and spare us the complete story. Just the important parts of the gist.

2. We love it Doggy style

We cannot over exaggerate this, giving it to us doggy style puts us in control, and who likes to be in control more than a man. This position gives the man the domination right while the woman submits, everyone like it doggy style even lions in the jungle. It’s so sweet we cannot hold off orgasm for so long in this position.

3. Ask him what he likes

The whole premise of this article is that men are easy to deal with. If that is so, then the best way to know what he wants in bed is to ask him, isn’t it? Just be upfront about it, and not in a confrontational tone too. Before you begin to ask him about this, create a safe space where you can say things about how you feel especially with your sex lives, then ask him what he wants.

You can get as explicit as you want to discuss this. Ask him how he masturbates when he thinks of you. Could turn you on, who knows? Also learn how to tease him especially the sensitive parts of his penis, the cap of the dick, the underside of it. Also how to play with the sensitive parts of his body, his testicles, his nipples, and probably his anus.

To double his pleasure, stimulate another erogenous zone while playing with his penis—his anus, his testicles, his nipples. Lick the nerve-rich seam running down the middle of his scrotum, then gently push up against the base of his testicles with your hand. That’s a way to arouse his prostate, the sensitive gland known as the male G-spot, without having to insert a finger in his anus, according to author Ian Kerner.

4. Grab his ass

Think of this as a payback for grabbing your ass, and it also has the probability of turning him on in the process. Try squeezing the same way he squeezes yours as well, even if he doesn’t squeeze your bum hard at all.

5. He wants the foreplay longer

Not all men want a quick and rushed foreplay, some of us want it extended than the quick roundup because we’re horny. Some men are interested in exploring even as much as women want it. “Longer foreplay helps men synchronize with their partners, giving them confidence and, as a result, better control over ejaculation,” says San Francisco sex therapist Seth Prosterman, PhD. Men know that it takes women longer to become aroused. So, relax and take your time, and put some of your own effort into getting in a sexual mood, suggests Gardos.

Take out time to explore each other and tease all the way through, it will make the sense worthwhile.

6. Can we keep the lights on?

We would love to have the lights on as soon as you get comfortable with us around because we would love to see your facial expression when you’re getting the D. You know, to see how good we’re doing. Remember we’re feedback junkies, we always want feedback. “He loves when he can see and feel your body, and the biggest turnoff for him is your acting embarrassed,” says Pepper Schwartz, PhD, a relationships advisor for and author of Prime: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love, and the Sensual Years.

7. Watch porn together

I’m shocked that you’re not doing this together, in case you’re doing this with your boo! You’re wonderful people. Why not watch porn together, it can help bonding process and also help your sex affairs. Consuming pornography is highly addictive. If you feel erotic material is interfering with your relationship or he’s using it to avoid something, you should confront the problem, says sex therapist Sandor Gardos, PhD. If that is the case then, you should consider watching it together, the female genre may contain something more romantic than just crude thumping together of genitals.

8. Seduce him subtly

How do you seduce someone subtly? Do it with class. With so much explicit imagery in the media, too much exposure isn’t seductive,” says Robert W. Birch, PhD, a sex therapist. Carry it out with a lot of tease, touch your lips seductively, undo your shirts seductively. “Allow the peep to appear unintentional,” Birch says.

9. Say what you want

You’ve perhaps heard this lots of times but I will repeat it again. Men are not mind readers, you have to say what you want? You cannot always expect us to pick up on cues that you’ve left around. We would love to hear it especially when it has to do with sex. “Turn requests into erotic expressions, not instructions,” says Joy Davidson, PhD, a sex therapist in New York and author of Fearless Sex. “Saying ‘Oh, do that slower,’ isn’t an order, it’s sexy.”

10. The biggest thing you can do

All we have been talking about is good, but without this last one, it will not go smoothly. And it’s not oral sex, or how you arch your back and push out your ass during doggy, while those are interesting and I will advise you put them into work. It isn’t all of that, what you can bring that will appeal to him the most is nothing but your enthusiasm and confidence in bed. How you react to his touches and how comfortable you are with him is the best gift you can give him during your time in bed together. That will beat you just lying there and expecting things to happen to you.

Be a participant in it, moan, talk dirty, grab the bedsheet, be there with him!


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