Obsessive Love VS Real Love: How To Know The Differences (Part 1)

In this article we’re going to talk about real love and it’s signs
1. IT COMES SLOWLY: It is easy to think true love hits you really hard and fast but that’s not true. Sure., you can feel really into someone and like them a LOT but that’s not love. Real love needs time to grow and emerge rather than hit you like a car.

2. THERE’S COMFORT: Love is comfort,. You’d feel content and at ease with your feelings for them. It’s like a slow burning emotion rather than an explosion that sets your nerves on the edge. You just feel comfortable with them., with your feelings for them and in your life.

3. IT COMES EASILY: Real love doesn’t have to be forced, you dont have to try to fall in love with someone. It’s just something that can happen and it’s not difficult to feel that way. When you fall in love it’s so easy that you may not even realize you have. It’s just like breathing.

4. YOU SMILE WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT THEM: When they enter your mind and you just let out a small smile… that’s real love. Thoughts of them just make you happy you feel good. When you are just going about your day and their name happens to cross your mind and you just feel good about it then that’s real love.

5. YOU KNOW THEIR FLAWS AND YOU’RE OK WITH IT: You know they have flaws, you see the issues in their life but if you’re truly in love they don’t matter to you. In fact those flaws can even make you love them even more. You dont change how you feel when you see them at their worst.


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