Erotic Story: Meet the pompous Reynard

Lingerie were scattered everywhere on the floor, Reynard didn’t leave any stone unturned whilst undressing me swiftly.I was on the bed with his head in between my legs, the excitement was just too much even though it is not my everyday kind of head. Outside the box? I’d stop him halfway into the head and opt for something else. I’m not saying he’s not good with the orals but considering the ones I’ve gotten in the past this is actually an amateur one.

I moaned out slightly and ran my hands over his head, he circled his tongue deep inside of me and bit my clit slightly and I moaned yet again, he’s teasing too much but I do not think I can take the torment for much longer, it’s bad enough that the orals isn’t giving me satisfaction the way I want it and then he’s teasing me.

As if he read my mind he looked up at me and smiled mischievously, he tucked at his shorts and in a flash they went off leaving him with just his boxers on, he then pulled his boxer and took it off, OMG!!! Yeah OMG again his dick is so big that it left my mouth hanging open, like really, this dick is something outside this world.

The dick got me so scared that I silently prayed for my pussy. He was oblivious of what was going on within my mind, suckled on my nipples for a while and then when I least expected it, he slammed in.

I moaned into his ears, he paused for a little while, then started pumping in.

He fucked me as though I was an egg and if handled roughly I’d crack. Reynard handled me with care, his dick filled my pussy and every move he made gave me deep sensation. I was just climaxing anyhow.

When I straddled him, I thought the tingling and sensation will reduce but I was in for a big surprise because it doubled it and when he came for behind I literally died.

Reynard fucked me like no other and the thought of that sex left me thinking for days after the act.

He finally climaxed after a series of orgasms for me, I was so exhausted to even get up, he looked me in the eye and told me He loves me.

I smiled and got ready for the airport. The thought of this sex is probably going to make wet anytime.


Amara: Good evening Bro. Harry, I’m home now.

Harry: Oh that’s good, so what do you think of Reynard?

Amara: HE’S SO RUDE!!! Jeez I can’t deal, what’s he feeling like is he the only manager there is? Abeg he should go jump into the Lagoon.

Harry: Oh come on! he’s not that bad, just take out time to know him, I promise you will get to like him and fall before you know it.

Amara: Me, fall for that over pompous dude, who feels he rules the earth? Nah I don’t see that happening abeg.

Harry: Just try him out, I won’t give you a guy that will hurt you, he’s a very soft guy, he’s just being so tough because he saw a very beautiful light skinned girl, with mad ass curves, trust me he will come around.

Amara: Ok, if you say so. I have to go now, bye.

Reynard called afterwards to check on me, I was politely speaking to him just because Bro Harry asked me to, we spoke for a while and hung up.

We hung out a few times after the first time and just like Harry said, I started liking his personality. We were supposed to go on a trip but one thing lead to the other we cancelled and I stopped talking to him.

His friends gave me an impression about him that I found appalling so I maintained my distance. I blocked him everywhere on social media and stopped taking his calls. He was frustrated but I didn’t care, anyway a mutual friend intervened and we got talking again.



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