Erotic Story: I miss you!

I had no idea Niyi was back and I assumed this text was his way of letting me know. I considered ignoring it. I considered simply switching off my phone and pretending I did not get the message but I knew I could not do that. From the point I looked at my phone screen and saw that I had a message from him, my pussy tingled in excitement.

I had missed him, terribly. I have missed his cockiness, roughness and the overall way he handled me. He is best at making me feel good even though the pleasure came with a bit of pain. Since he had been gone, I had enjoyed the break of having normal sex with other men but I could not deny the thrill that I had been missing.

I got off the couch and took a shower. I dressed in a spaghetti strap top and a pair of jeans shorts. I was not wearing underwear because I knew that was what he would like. My nipples were poking eagerly through the light fabric of my top. I stood in front of the mirror, gently running my hands up and down my body. My anticipation was palpable. I applied some light makeup, fixed my hair, put  on some flats and left for Niyi’s place.

“You are late,” he said simply as I unlocked his flat with the key he had given to me months ago and saw him sitting on his couch.

“Sorry, there was a little bit of traffic,” I said. He looked great. He was wearing just a pair of boxers and his body looked good enough to eat. He stood up and came to wrap me in a hug.

“I have missed you, Babygirl,” he said.

“I have missed you too,” I replied, my hands tightening around him. My breasts were pressed very close to his chest and my body soon began to heat up. He reached a hand between us unbuttoned my shorts, pulling the zip down. He slipped his hand inside and cupped my already damp pussy.

I let out a moan as I held on to him, my legs quivering with arousal. He slid his middle finger inside me and pushed in and out slowly. I began to bounce gently on his hand, wanting more. He kept going, pushing the finger so deep that it tickled my sweet spot. I was grinding more frantically against his hand and was about to cum when he took out his finger.

“You know the rules, baby. No cumming unless I say so.” I sighed in disappointment. This was the part that sucked. He would tease me almost to the point of orgasm then suddenly stop. He had that control over me and I simply could not fight it.

He pulled down my shorts and I removed my top. I stepped out of my shoes and when he turned around to go in his bedroom, I followed him, naked and desperate.

He led me to the bed but stopped when we got to the edge. He came to stand beside me and pushed down my torso so I was gripping the edge of the bed, my ass in the air. Gently, he stroked my ass. I moaned, wanting him to take me badly. My moan turned into a sharp intake of breath as his palm collided with my ass hard.

He grunted. “You are late, you know how I hate it when you are late.”

I said nothing. It was best to stay quiet when he punished me. He spanked my ass over and over again until I lost count. I could hear him panting and groaning as he got turned on. My ass hurt like hell and I bit my bottom lip trying to hold out any sound. One more hard spank and I screamed out loud. It was harder than ever and I felt my whole body jolt from the contact. It stung so bad that the tears instantly escaped. Fuck, I hated that part.

He then began to gently rub my ass and I knew it was over. He said soothing words I could not hear as he pushed his little finger inside my asshole. He then grabbed my ass and pushed his dick up my cunt. I moaned, feeling my body relaxed and my pain turn into sweet pleasure as he began to fuck me.

His finger returned to my asshole and I jerked backwards, urging him to shove it in. He did and I moaned even louder as he fucked me in both holes with his hand and cock.

His dick was gliding smoothly in and out of me. My pussy was throbbing and I wanted so badly to cum. My whole body clenched and my toes curled on the ground as I held on. My breaths were coming in quick gasps and I was just about to scream in frustration when he whispered, “cum for me, babygirl.”

I did. Fuck, I came harder than ever. My whole body was quaking and warmth seeped to all my extremities. I let out a cry like an animal in heat and felt my body clench then release. The wonderful feeling washed over me as I began to cum and cum and cum. By the time I was done, my legs were shaking and I was not sure how much longer I could hold on.

Niyi gripped my waist very tightly and began pumping into my cunt very hard and deep. His cock was moving sweetly as my wet pussy walls clenched around him. I began to push back, meeting his thrusts harder. He let out a grunt and let go, his dick jerking in me as he came.

We both fell on top of the bed afterwards, sighing in contentment. My body was still buzzing with satisfaction as I closed my eyes and let sleep take me.



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