Erotic Story: Daddy’s Little Monster

“Hey, whats up?”

“Where are you? I feel like doing something very naughty”

The message read, as I opened my BBM. I know some of you have stopped using that app, but for people like us, we still adore it.

The sender of the message is someone that I have known for well over 6 years, we never dated but we always shagged atleast once evey year, sort of like a ritual and she knows how to bring the fun too well.

Even since our first sexual encounter, she rose to top 3 best shag ever in my life, then she began having a pre midlife crisis or whatever she was going through. It must have been strings of heartbreak, she went celibate for a really long time and for like 2 years, our bedroom wrestling was put on a hold, which made me so sad.

She wouldn’t even talk dirty anymore, so I moved on. We would still chat once in a while but it felt like our romp was over.

When that message came in, I was so joyful. I felt like doing summersaults like Victor Moses or Aghahowa would do when they score. This is a good news but I was wasted sexually, I just completed what was a sexually marathon with a 21 year old sex freak who wanted the D everytime our body clashed on the bed.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, so I replied her

“I’m good, you?”

“You know I’m always down for anything you want, babe”

Few chats later, and she was heading to mine for what appears to be my second night of sex marathon.

Lord God, give me the strength. She came in and the small talk began over a bottle of Jack Daniels and we began doing shots. Things began to get interesting as we continued to chat.

“So, why celibacy”

“Tired of guys?”

“I didn’t do this for any guy. I did it for myself” She said

“Oh yea?”

“I just wanted to focus on my life and leave out all of the sex, and focus more on my career”

“Look at you now, on top of your pyramid of your career. I’m so proud of you” I said with sarcasm.

“Fuck you, Deolu” She said

“Whenever you’re ready” I replied with more sarcasm

The alcohol seemed to have permeated our system, then we got up, left for the bathroom to change, then came out with a flimsy lingerie for a nightie.

She walked straight into my arms, it has been so long since I held her, and felt her body rub against mine. I laid her down softly as I held her face to kiss her softly while my hands travelled all over her body, treading softly all over her.

From the kiss, my face went to her ears, kissing and teasing her earlobes then went to neck, biting them softly, licking her body down to the soft mounds of her chest.

The tip of my tongue began drawing circles around her nipples, while my other hand teased gently her other boob. Grabbing them and squeezing softly, squashing them softly against her chest. She began to moan softly with her inner thighs rubbing against each other.

As I continued to work her boobs, her body began to jerk involuntarily a moment at a time. The feel of my hands against her boobs felt so good, her pointy nipples were a joy to play with. When I had my feel of her boobs, I slowly moved down towards her navel and began to tease her there, and then went for the jackpot, unravelling the sweet spot in between her thighs.

My hands parted them slowly side to side, staring her pussy in the eye. I took my face closer, admiring her pussy. I took a long tongue lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Kissing the entrance of her pussy, then the tip of my tongue began penetrate the top of her pussy, licking and sucking the top of the pussy. The tip of my tongue flicked over the top of her clitoris.

Her body continued to jerk once again, in mini spasms. My licks became more intensive as I continue to tease her organ. The tip of my nose rubbed helplessly against her clit while my tongue fucked her.

She continued to have more mini spasms as I continued, her pussy was rubbing against my face as my nose rubbed against her organ. We were trying to match each other’s tempo, she began to moan even louder and she held my head against her pussy.

Her moans got louder then dimmed after a while of our synchronized action. She began to take deep breathes, and I got off and laid beside her, waiting for my own treat. She kissed me and trailed her tongue down to my dick.

I was excited for her because she knows how to handle a dick, she brought out my tool and you can see how joy filled her face, as she held it up against her face, adoring it.

She began planting soft kisses all over it, and I laughed as she did this, she stroked it soft and hard, she stroked it hard from the bottom of the shaft to the top and then squeezed out pre-cum from the tip of the dick, and used her finger to spread the pre-cum all over the cap of the dick.

She stroked it softly from the bottom again, and then used her flat tongue to lick it off in what seemed like a licking contest she was having with herself. She licked me so much, it became exciting, as I could visibly see how my erection grew, then she sucking the cap of the dick and that was even sweeter. She was taking her time with my dick and I was loving it, then she began taking in more of the dick into my mouth, till she swallowed it down her throat.

My goodness, she really knows how to bring it down, I thought in my head as I admired this wonderful artist at work on my dick. She brought it out after a deep throat, spat at it, and rigorously stroked it, it felt incredibly good what she was doing.

She sucked me so well, I wanted the pussy right now. I held her head as I thrusted deep into her mouth.

“Do you like it, daddy” she asked as she used both hands to stroke me

“Yes baby, I love it” I replied with all pleasure.

“Keep going” I said

“Do you want your pussy now?” She asked

“Yes please!” I said like one would say to waiter at a restaurant

I brought out the condom, and strapped it on.

“I wanna ride!” She said like I would mind?

She lowered herself unto me slowly, the pussy was almost wired shut after all the months of no sex, we had to be very careful with it. She fucked just the cap for a while, she went down a few inches every 5 thrusts or so, till her pussy swallowed all of my dick, she also needed time to get her rhythm, and when she did, the ride was absolutely incredible. She rode like a porn star, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, she did it all, turning and twisting all over the dick.

I always enjoyed fucking her, she put her hands on my chest, as her hips did all of the work, I spanked her ass as she rode, then her noises and mini-spasms began again, she collapsed on my chest, then I began thrusting into her underneath her. It was so sweet and strenuous, it felt like a work-out. Her mouth close to my ears.

“Do you like the pussy? Is it tight enough?” She asked

“Oh baby! I have never stopped loving your pussy”

She loves feedback and so do I. I held her head closer to the side of my head with one hand while the other grabbed her big ass cheeks as I fucked her hard and fast underneath her.

“Yes!!! Yes!!!” She said.

She stood up, disengaged, went on her limbs, she wants it from behind now. I got behind her, and went in, held her waist and began to thrust fast behind her.


I held her waist for support, as my waist went back and forth into her pussy. It felt so good, this is what I have missed all this while, I said to myself silently.

Her noises began to increase again,

“Oh Daddy, I miss your dick” She began her feedback.

“I’m sorry I stopped fucking you”, she moved into confession

“You feel me up so good, Daddy”

I continued fucking her as hard as I could.

“It’s your pussy, do as you wish to it”

Wow, I like this, this confession is it.

Her knees gave in and she collapsed, with my dick still buried inside her, she continued to moan.

I reduced the hard stroke and made the strokes a lot deeper, drove it in so deep and thrust in and out a little. That seemed to have do it for her, I continued doing that for another stretch until her confessions began.

“Take me daddy!”

“I’m your little monster”

“I’m Daddy’s Little Monster”

Harley Quinn? Suicide Squad, wow. She just took dirty talking to a whole new level.

Her moans began to get more intense, then I began to thrust really slow, waited until the whole dick was out then put it back in. It was so sweet and exciting. My dick was getting all the action and I could feel my orgasm coming.

I removed my dick and watched how my cum filled the condom.

It is always a pleasure to be fucked by her, when we finished, we watched me grab my phone and change her contact name to Daddy’s Little Monster, she laughed, I deleted it and changed it to DLM.


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