Erotic Story: My sister’s friend


Biola had been staying at their home for the past week and his sister, Sandra, seemed glad that she had someone to play and gossip with. Biola was nice and so helpful that even Kenny’s parents appreciated her presence. The only person bothered by Biola was Kenny.

He was honestly starting to regret coming home for Christmas. He was in his final year so he had many excuses to give his parents if he decided to stay back in school but he stupidly decided to do the responsible thing and spend Christmas with his family. Now look where that got him. He had spent the past week hiding his erection around a girl that was barely even 16.

It did not help that Biola wore the skimpiest clothes around the house. If Kenny did not spot her braless with her boobs bouncing happily under tight blouses, he would find her sitting crossed -legged with her skirt all the way up and her thighs so alluring that he wanted to bite them.

Sure he could find an excuse and leave the house for a while but the thing was, even though Biola bothered him so much, she was the reason he stayed. He hated and enjoyed watching her in equal measure. He looked forward to seeing her pretty face every morning and entertained himself by watching her perky behind bounce around the house.

One night, he was in the living room watching TV after everyone had gone to bed. He was just thinking about going in for the night when footsteps behind him caused him to turn around. He saw Biola walking towards him. She was wearing a short nightdress that showed off not just her breasts but those sexy thighs. She came to sit beside him, seemingly uncaring that his cock had just sprung upwards in excitement.

She asked him what he was watching but he had no answer. His eyes were fixed on her breasts and he wondered why the hell she chose not to come out. Her dress had hiked all the way up to her face and he knew if he looked hard enough, he could see what was between those legs. She looked up and caught him staring. She asked him what was wrong and he tried to shake his head. He was too far gone.

She leant towards him slowly and that was all the push Kenny needed. His head was buried in the crook of her neck as his hand slid between her thighs. She tried to push him off but he knew she wanted this. He groped deeper until he found her pussy. He let out a groan when he realised she was not wearing any panties.

He pushed her down on the couch and straddled her. His mouth went to her breasts and he began to suck on them as he fingered her tight cunt. He had waited way too long and he could not wait anymore. He quickly pulled his shorts off and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. For a second, he wondered if she was a virgin but the way she way she was moaning and thrusting her hips upwards for him, he concluded that this was a girl who knew exactly what sex felt like.

He pushed through her entrance and began to fuck her. She gripped his shoulders and kissed his ears while whispering to him, telling him to fuck her harder and harder. Her words made it difficult for him to hold on and in no time at all, he gave one deep thrust and erupted.

They maintained this position for a few more minutes then he got up. She leant forward and gave him a quick kiss then got off the chair. As she was leaving, she looked back to say, ‘see you tomorrow night’ and winked before disappearing into her bedroom.

Kenny was now the happiest in that house to have Biola around.



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