5 relationship habits you should take serious in 2017


New year, new system. So the saying goes, right?

Obviously, the new year already brought about a flood of promises and determination to be better at careers, to work harder towards achieving bigger, better things in life, and of course to become a better, more attentive, more caring, and less-selfish lover.

After serious consideration, we have put together five more relationship habits to take serious in year 2017…

Less nosiness into bae’s social media

While you want to ensure that your partner does not go astray in the new year, you still need to value your mental health also.

Exercise more trust in 2017. No stalking. (Techsavvy)

What this implies is that you do not need to check out every page that comments on your girlfriend’s picture, neither should you read meaning to every social media exchange between your boyfriend and other girls.

Let’s learn to be more trusting in 2017.

Eat out less

Ok. So it is understandable for young couples, especially the unmarried ones to have a desire to try out all the nice hotels and recipes in town.

This year, though, you should include a lot of time stay indoors with bae and prepare make meals.


You’ve postponed this for so long because of cost and the distance. However, you could do cut cost and still go on the vacation.

Find a replacement location, which will assist in creating the coziness, ambience and intimacy you crave.

More loving, less fighting

Let 2017 be more about becoming closer by being more physically intimate, instead of arguing and building a bridge between each other,

Try new sex positions, become more comfortable with your partner, make each other’s fantasies come true.

Less quarrels, more cuddling.

Amen, somebody?

Get serious

If you’ve been with your boo for a decent amount of time, let 2017 be the time you start seeing him or her as more than a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Even if you end up mot marrying this year, becoming more serious and committed will put you in a better place to tie the knot and make it official come 2018.


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