The 4 signs that say you should consider quitting a relationship

Ending a relationship is not often easy and straightforward.

It becomes even worse when the relationship has gone far, and breaking it off becomes even more difficult.

No matter how difficult the decision might be for you, you should know it is time to consider quitting when you see the four signs listed below:

You stay only because you fear the unknown

At some point in a failing relationship, you have to decide whether to quit or remain in a situation which is clearly headed for doom, a relationship irreparably ruined.

The fear many people face is the fear of the unknown, they have been in a relationship so long that they wonder if anyone would love them anymore, if they are ever good for any other person.

The devil you know is not always better than the angel you have not seen; so if you ever get to this stage, you should heavily lean towards getting out of the relationship.

You now see yourself only as an individual

A feeling common for people truly in love, and in serious relationships is that they are always thinking about their partners and consider them in most of their plans, no matter how trivial.

When things however degenerate badly to a stage where you and your partner make significant life decisions and you do not consider each other or seek each other’s opinions, it might be high time you left that relationship.

You’ve lost all trust and respect for each other

Once you lose these two things, and nothing seems to be working in recovering them, it might be time to pack up and leave.

Of what use is a relationship without respect and trust, anyway?

You stay only because you fear what people will say

The fear of what your family and friends will say should not be what keeps you in a relationship.

If you are dissatisfied and fed up with a relationship but you remain in it because you fear what people will say, you need to either find a way to make that relationship work again, or get the hell out of it.

Simply because working towards rediscovering happiness and everything good in that relationship is a valid reason to persevere with it, but remaining in it because of what your family and friends will say is not.


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