Her Bahamas Vacation [Part 1]

Our fight started when Kunle came to me two days before we were to arrive in Bahamas. He fearfully told me we would have to move our vacation because he needed to go on a business trip the same day we were to leave. The fight ended with me angrily telling him I was going without him.

Here I was in my hotel room, which overlooked the luxurious pool on the hotel. It was late, and I was still angry with Kunle, and tired from the flight. I decided to have a drink in my room and try to relax. As I poured myself a drink, I noticed a couple enter the pool area for a late night swim.

Normally this would not have caught my attention; however, these two were strikingly hot. She was a tall black woman with long dark hair and smooth skin. When she dropped her towel, I was amazed at her long, firm, perfectly shaped legs leading up to her beautiful, round bubble ass. She wore a tiny red string bikini that her awesome hips filled out splendidly. The matching top left almost nothing to the imagination as her incredible natural boobs spilled out of the flimsy material.

He was a very handsome dark-skinned black man with a wrestler’s build and broad shoulders. His hair cut very short, almost bald. He wore long blue boxer swim trunks. I couldn’t help but stair at the “V” line of his muscular lower abs that seemed to point to the bulging manhood in his trunks.

I quickly pulled up a chair while continuing to watch them through my partly open shutters. They both slid into the hot tub and began to kiss, slowly and passionately at first, then more deeply with hunger and lust. As they caressed each other, I felt my body heating up with the same lust as the two of them.

I knew the possibility that something erotic was about to happen and I couldn’t wait to see it unfold before my eyes. I guess they thought it was late and everyone was asleep. He didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching as he slowly untied her top revealing her alluring boobs. They were firm and perfectly shaped, with dark chocolate areolas, tipped with hard thick nipples that looked like candy kisses.

I immediately felt my own nipples harden with the same anticipation of pleasure. I removed my blouse and bra to give my boobs some relief as my nipples pulsed and ached.

I watched as he began to slowly lick and suck each of her nipples. I could almost feel just how much she loved it as she threw her head back and pulled his head into her breasts. I could see that her nipples were rock hard as they glistened in the soft light of the pool. I pinched and teased my own nipples as he picked her up and placed her on the side of the hot tub. I shivered as she lay back and lifted her legs high into the night air, as he gently took off her bikini off.

I removed my own skirt and lacy black panties, and stared as he licked his way up the inside of her smooth thighs; and my pussy salivated as my fingers delicately caressed my pussy. I desperately wanted my secret dildo that Kunle had no idea I owned. I intently watched him work his way slowly toward her pussy.

Her pussy looked to be cleanly shaved just as mine was; something I had done for Kunle but he would never get to see. I could see that she was extremely thrilled, as her swollen pussy-lips were open and glistened in the pool light. I gasped as he buried his head between her legs and licked and sucked her pussy. I watched she twist with pleasure as she pulled his head deeper into her pussy.

My fingers moved desperately, stroking my throbbing clit as I watched her head snap back and let out a cry of pleasure. My body convulsed violently in my chair and my toes curled tightly as I came with her. My hands were sticky and I was out of breath. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as I sat in a pool of my own juices with my legs spread wide open.

As my heartbeat slowed, my show was continued. It was his turn now. They switched positions and sat on the side of the hot tub. This time she removed his shorts to expose his enormous black dick, hard and standing straight up in the night.

I became instantly jealous as I watched her slowly stroke it while taking the thick dick in her mouth. I never was one for giving oral but I desperately wanted to suck his dick dry. I found myself licking my lips as she stroked and sucked it expertly while occasionally tonguing her way up the shaft. She teased the tip then went down to his heavy balls, sucking on each one with care. I could see by his expression that he loved it and was in heaven. She worked him until his hands clinched into tight fists and he was ready to explode.

She took his balls deep into her mouth as his body shivered. Then she released him, with a long thread of cum connecting her lips to his dick. She continued to stroke him while rubbing her boobs over his dick until he exploded all over her boobs. I watched as she greedily licked his dick and her own fingers clean.

They kissed again and slowly made their way away from the pool area. I slid my windows closed a little to prevent them from seeing that I had been watching.

When I couldn’t see them anymore, I moved the chair back and got into bed. I thought about how long it had been since a man had when down on me the way he had.

As I was deep in my regrets and teasing my pussy again, I heard laughing outside my door. I jumped up out of my bed and looked through the peephole. It was the same couple! They passed my door, and I heard the door to their room open and close. They were in the room next to mine, which had a door that connected to theirs. I had been concerned that this room may be too noisy, but now this seemed like it could be very interesting as I anticipated the pool play had just been the warm up.

I couldn’t have been more correct. Within minutes, I could hear them wildly going at it again. I gently opened my door to the adjoining rooms leaving only their door between us allowing me to hear everything clearly.

Their deep moaning and slapping flesh echoed loudly, they either did not care or actually wanted to be heard by others in the hotel. I pressed my naked body against the cold door while listening to their erotic adventure. Each sound really turned me on and I began to feel moisture build up between my legs again.

The sexy image of me wildly fucking this man was showing in my mind like a porno movie. I continued to listen as I teased my swollen clit with my fingers until the moaning stopped.

I overheard the woman tell him how much she wanted to stay, but that she had to get back to her husband. I was shocked that she was cheating on her husband here at the hotel. I listened closely until I heard their door close. I ran to my door and looked out the peephole to see her walk past my door with a satisfied grin on her face.

There was silence between our two rooms and my mind raced with thoughts of the opportunity that had just presented itself. I considered whether I should take a chance and call him. Would he think I was crazy, or would he be happy to fulfil my fantasy? I’ve always been very conservative but in this case my fantasy, lust, and anger at my husband got the better of me and I decided to throw caution to the wind and call.

I picked up the phone and dialled his room number. He answered his phone in a deep voice. I expected him to sound exhausted but this wasn’t the case. I thought maybe he was expecting her to call him back, I know I would have.

As I started to explain that I was in the next room, he began to apologize if they were too noisy. It was awkward at first, but I explained that there was no apology needed, and that their session made me incredibly aroused and I wondered if he was interested in joining me for some more fun.

He asked me what I looked like before deciding that he would like to join me after he took a shower. I quickly slipped on a black sexy gown I had bought to surprise my husband on this vacation. I was never so happy that I hadn’t repacked my suitcase after I had found out I would be taking this trip alone.

I stopped to check myself out in the mirror. The gown emphasized my firm breasts. They were a little more than a handful but still they were tempting. I turned around to check out my ass; all of those workouts classes had paid off.

“Damn I’m still sexy at 35 years old,” I said aloud to myself.

I was nervous as I positioned myself in a perfectly alluring pose on the chair in the room. My heart raced in my chest as I waited for him to enter my room. Waiting put doubt in my mind, and just as I was about to pick up the phone and tell him not to come he came through the door.

He stood with only boxer on. As he slowly approached me with a smile on his face, I couldn’t help but stare at the tasty bulge in his boxer. He was even more attractive now that I was seeing him up close. His skin was smooth and his eyes were dark and intense. His chest appeared as if chiselled from diamond, but he moved like liquid steel.

There was no awkward moment as I thought there would be when he came next to me. He towered over me and I bit my bottom lip in anticipation. I reached up to remove his underwear but he moved my hands away.

“Not yet,” he spoke for the first time.



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    Appreciate it


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