Erotic Story: A pleasant work surprise


Laitan was feeling quite bored. She had quit her job since she got married and it was a change she was still not quite used to.

While she accepted the fact that she had no need to stress herself with work since her husband was capable supporting them both, she realised that there were other perks to having a job. She would not be feeling this restless if she had a job to go to.

They had been married for about four months and after spending the first two fixing up their home, there was not much to do these days.

Around noon, one day, she decided to do something to break the boredom. She had finished cleaning up the house and even had the time to bake some goodies. She packaged the treats, grabbed the car keys and set up for her husband’s office.

Daniel was Managing Director at one the top Real Estate agencies in Lagos. He was doing quite well and sometimes, Laitan could not believe how lucky she was to have landed him. She parked in front of his building and worked straight to his office.

His secretary recognised her instantly and asked her to go in. Daniel was very surprised when he saw her. It was a joyful surprise as he wrapped his hands around her and hugged her tightly.

She showed him the treats she backed and she helped him set it on the table. Laitan’s mind began to roam as she did this. After a few minutes, she turned to her husband.

“Have you ever had sex in your office?” She asked lightly. Daniel was not surprised. Laitan tends to ask some random questions sometimes.

“Nope, not yet,” he said, as he walked on over to her. He pushed her gently so she was sitting on his chair. He leant down to kiss her and the kiss soon became passionate. She reached up to unhook his trousers and bring out his dick. She gently rubbed him and he pulled away from her. She pulled him towards her and took him in her mouth.

She moaned as she sucked his dick. Daniel groaned and grabbed her head. He began to thrust in and out of her mouth until his whole cock was covered in her saliva.

He pulled her up and turned her around. She bent and held on to the chair. He lifted her dress and pulled down her panties. His cock probed through her pussy and he entered her. He pumped hard and fast and she knew why. They did not have much time and she did not really fancy being caught.

Laitan was thrilled. She wondered why she had not thought about this before as she kept bucking her hips backwards and meeting his thrusts excitedly. He held on to her ass and plunged into her as deep as possible. She began to feel the tiny knot in her belly unravelling as she knew she was close to cumming. She let out sharp moans and her man knew. Using his thumb, he dug into the entrance of her asshole and she quickly exploded. She was bucking and shuddering as she came.

Watching his wife get fucked in his office was a big turn on for Daniel and when she tightened that cunt around him, he could no longer hold back. He gripped her even more tightly and stilled, shooting cum straight into his wife’s tight cunt.

A few minutes later, Laitan was sitting across his desk as she watched him enjoyed the baked goods she brought. She smiled at him as she wondered again how lucky she was to have him.


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