6 jerking off mistakes messing up your orgasm

This is for the ladies, so guys, it’s not for you unless you want to learn it for educational purpose, you might want to send the link to your boo or people you think might need it. This is for ladies who want to know more about flicking their bean (if the euphemism still exists).

I don’t have much experience in this regard, as I have the schlong, the stick not the opening the stick seeks.

Here are the six of the mistakes explained by Kirsten Dold of Women’s Health and other experts in this regard.

1. Sticking with the sure way.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you know what gets you there faster, so instead of looking around for something you hope is somewhere, why not just go to the favorite spot. It’s time for adventure, you should take time to feel around the vagina not just the clitoris alone, there are several body parts filled with sensitive nerve endings that can do the trick too. . “Use your hands to stimulate the nipples, vaginal lips, and G-spot for a more intense experience,” says sex therapist Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., founder of Holistic Wisdom.

2. Imagination goes out the window

What keeps the mind bubbling sometimes is the imagination of something, the thought of it happening can be so exciting but some of these imaginations are lost especially because of how shameful or troubling some of them are. “So many women tell me that they feel guilty about their fantasies and stifle their imagination, even when they’re all riled up,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide’s resident sex and relationship expert. Let your mind wander into those places where you find pleasure.

3. Put yourself in the mood

Making yourself comfortable before you begin can go a long way. You might want to lock the door behind, get comfortable, play that song that you love so much. “Put on your favorite perfume or body cream, light some candles, or wear fabrics that feel sexy , like lace or silk,” says Lawless. This will always do the trick for you.

4. Don’t forget the lube

Before you get ‘handsy’ with yourself, it’s a bright idea to get some lube. You wouldn’t get jiggy with someone else if you were bone dry, so it doesn’t make sense to get handsy without the slippery stuff either. And since you’re alone, it’s the perfect time to experiment with new types of lube, like the warming kind, says O’Reilly.

5. Get new toys

Just like there is a new model of your car, phone and other appliances, so also there is one for your toys. You should check it out unless you’re using the latest. For example, the Womanizer creates a unique air pulsation that brings more blood into the clitoris, which is very stimulating, says Lawless. She says toys like this are great for all women, especially those who have a low libido or difficulty climaxing.

6. You should consider Porn

People have been preaching about the evil of porn for a while like there is no upside to it. Like everything in life with downside, there is an upside to it. Porn packs a lot of lessons how best to service your lady part. There are lots of female focused porn flicks you can spend sometime watching.


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