5 ways to find your voice in the bedroom

The only voice or sound accepted in the bedroom mostly in our culture is moan, and we’re not even allowed to be that loud, so we don’t wake the neighbors else it’ll be awkward seeing them the next morning or even later that day.

Where are my manners? Happy new year to you, and I wish you the best this year, may all your dreams come true. Sounds right, but that’s a canopy message which covers everything and also apt, might I add. What I would love to do is borrow a line from my geography teacher’s words, he told us a day before our WAEC exams; I wish you what you wish yourself in 2017.

Now that I have gotten that out, I feel better, back to why we’re here. Parents and guardians don’t always seem like the people to giddy up and talk about sex, and educate the young about how to be happy in bed, most of that knowledge comes up from them learning the hard way or that very free thinking boyfriend/girlfriend.

Finding a voice for yourself in the bedroom is no easy task especially if you’ve never dabbled into that art before. It’s like how you see someone driving a motorcycle and then you feel its no big deal because you see how they’re cool about it. If you don’t know how to, there is a risk of serious injury.

Back to why we’re here, here are tips that can help you find your voice in the bedroom.

1. Look for what turns you on

Find thyself! I don’t remember who said that, but it is so true even in the bedroom, you’ve got know what turns you on, what makes you wet. You have to know, you need to explore your body. You have to find out which part of your body makes you tingly all inside of you. Knowledge is key, don’t forget that.

2. Getting your sexting groove on

You really need to get with the program if you don’t like this because mobile phones have been with us for a while now and I’m guessing they will be here for the long haul, it might be time to make them more useful than just calling or texting normal stuff. Start getting freaky with your partner. Feel free to send me some suggestive messages, sexting can help your relationship to be playful instead of been all serious and gloomy.

3. Make it a raunchy game

Being able to speak up in bed, about how you like your sex can be difficult but you can make it easy but making it a game. How about having a sexy truth or dare game with your partner. It’s fun, simple and can be very rewarding plus it also help you guys discuss stuff in a playful manner.

4. Talk about the sex

Not negative reviews, just after the sex when you’re both relaxing from the strenuous exercise with your genitals. As a lady, you might want to give your partner some compliments about how you liked the sex. During this short period after sex, you will both feel very connected because of the oxytocin release. You can use this time to tell him specifically about what he did that you enjoyed.

5. Talk to him in a relaxed mood

He’s not a dictator (I had to overcome the urge to write dicktator there, thank God I got that out of my system). Couples gossip about other couples, its what they do. In case you don’t gossip with your own boyfriend then there is something wrong or just start gossiping with him. It might freak him out but at least it can help you guys get talking in a relaxed mood. Also, gossip about other people’s sex life, do guesses and stuff, like a game, have fun then hit him with it. Talk about your sex life and how much you love it, feel free to throw your little request but that’s after you’ve given loads of compliments about his God-like love making skills.


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