Please Help! I’m in Love With My Cousin And He Gives Me Mindblowing Séx…But, I Have A Problem (See)


I have fallen in love with my cousin and he gives me the best s*x ever but I am afraid of something.

I am a woman of 35 and he is 18. I love him but my parents caught me in bed with him and say they will throw me out if I don’t finish with him.

I live with my mum and dad because my job isn’t well paid and I could not afford to rent my own flat after my long-term boyfriend threw me out a couple of years ago so he could move another girl in (it was his flat).

I saw my cousin when he was a baby but wasn’t that close to my extended family during my twenties.

I didn’t meet him again until a family party this summer.

He’s my dad’s brother’s son and it was his sister’s engagement party. He is really hot.

We spent the whole evening together, flirted and kissed passionately out of sight of the others. After the party he asked if he could see me again.

We started dating but had to keep it secret because we know our parents would not approve. The s*x is wonderful, we love each other deeply and he says the age gap is no problem for him. t is no problem for me either.

My parents went away for a few days last week and I asked my cousin to stay the night.

We hardly ever have the chance to wake up together so it was meant to be special for both of us.

We had wonderful sex then fell asleep in each other’s arms. We woke suddenly a couple of hours later to find my parents in the bedroom shouting at us. The B&B they had booked for the night was awful so they decided not to stay the night.

My cousin’s car was outside our house and of course my parents wondered why. They went mad when they saw us. My boyfriend got dressed quickly and went home.

Next morning they gave me an ultimatum — either I finish with my cousin or I move out. We don’t want to end our relationship but I have nowhere else to live.



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