“6 Kinds Of Guys No Girl Wants To Date”

Women are not the only ones who find it hard to get their partner to commit.

Many guys out there wonder why it is hard for a lady to settle down with them for a long period. As much as everyone ought to be loved the way they are, certain habits and attributes make it hard for anyone to even look in your direction, talk of loving you as you are.

Certain kind of guys possess traits that make it hard for ladies to date them and commit, and if you fall in this category, you should do a reality check and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Below are some of the kinds of guys no girl likes to date.

1. The extremely talkative guy

2. The Old-fashioned guy

3. The Socially Awkward guy

4. The workaholic guy

5. The woman beater guy

6. The oversensitive guy


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