Science Says Broke Men Are Better In Bed Because Of These 3 Reasons


Money isn’t always everything (well, in this economy it might start to be) but science and research says broke men do it better than men who have money. The research was done abroad and might not apply to Nigeria but they gave some few valid points, also they made some points that don’t apply to Nigerian men where they said they are less likely to cheat, that’s a lie. In this part of the world all men cheat but the rich ones cheat more.

Anyway these 3 reasons were the top ones that could apply to Nigerian men.

1. THEY TRY AND OVERCOMPENSATE FOR WHAT THEY LACK: My personal theory is simply that, “broke” men are better in bed because they feel the need to overcompensate for their lack there-of. If a man makes a lower income than other men he thinks might pursue her, he is going to want to show her that he has some impressive skills in the bedroom. But I would call that working with what you’ve got, not overcompensating.

2. CHANCES ARE THEY ARE LESS LIKELY TO CHEAT: Another study found that people of a higher social class are more likely to cheat and lie. I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest turn-ons in bed is confidently knowing that your guy only has eyes (and hands and other things) for you. Think Jack from Titanic: His loyalty was top notch, was it not?

3. THEIR EGO WILL BE ON CHECK: Men who make a lower income are also less likely to feel entitled to be the only one satisfied because they don’t have the same feeling of being ‘owed’ by her.” And isn’t it always refreshing to know he won’t place your pleasure on the same pedestal as a precious trust fund? Moral of the story: Don’t be so quick to write someone off because they aren’t breaking the bank. Chances are they’re breaking … uh, other things. *wink*


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