Why you need to take it slow with new relationship

Relationships might not exactly be races, but slow and steady often does the trick in them.
Many may ask, ‘why do I have to exercise caution’ in a relationship when it is obvious that I and my partner have a solid relationship, and the connection seems to be doing just fine?

The three reasons listed below will likely change your mind.

It builds anticipation

Approaching the relationship at a languid pace means you both know the stuff that lovers do, you could do them, but by virtue of an agreement, your partner and you decide not to rush into doing them.

Take for instance, the actual introduction of your new, super-beautiful bae to your friends.

They most likely know a lot about her already, because you can barely say 10 sentences without mentioning her name, but they are yet to meet her.

You are eager to show her off to them [or to even show her off on social media], but you both have agreed that these things aren’t happening until about three months into the relationship.

Same agreement goes for sex and other related activities.

If that doesn’t build anticipation, what does?

You can keep it real

Due to the secretion of hormone oxytocin in the human body, many men and women often become emotionally bonded after having sex.

Keeping sex out of a relationship for an fitting amount of time allows you to actually fall in love with that person and get to know their genuine merits and persona without your brain being clouded by the magical things they do to you on the bed.

It could help you avoid complications

Picture yourself posting endlessly sharing pictures of your 3-week-old relationship on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, BBM, Whatsapp and every other social media channel available.

Chances are that everyone you know will already know about that relationship, right?

Now imagine breaking up with that man/woman after only 2months. How do you explain the constant questions about him?

How do you deal with the memories you have created everywhere, which you would now rather never see again?

Slow and steady wins the race. Relationships are not exactly races, but slow and steady does the trick in them, too.


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