12 things every true lover should never forget 

Your partner deserves your undying, unflinching support. Every single time.

It is not an uncommon occurrence for partners to fall into a form of slumber after a while of being in a relationship.

What this means is that they no longer pay attention to the things that really made the fire of love glow at the beginning of that relationship.

No matter how busy partners are, or how familiar they get over time, the practising of these things, should never be neglected.

1. Look sexy for each other. That you are now really deep into the relationship does not mean you should stop trying to look appealing to him/her.

2. Complimenting your partner should remain a constant.

3. Never stop loving your partner. It might not be as fiery as it was when you just met them, but make sure it is not of significant difference to what it was at the beginning.

4. Think from your partner’s perspective when it comes to matters of the heart.

5. Let all arguments and fights end as soon as possible.

6. Make love regularly. Never let activities deny you of that.

7. Communication remains key. Never lose it.

8. Honesty and trust go hand in hand. One goes, the other one follows. Let the truth and complete openness be your watchword.

9. If you must do anything in Public, let it be PDA. That’s the only public thing allowed, not fights.

10. Respect each other. Never let familiarity erode it from the relationship.

11. As much as anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s days are cool for showing emotion, you still need an amount of spontaneity. You don’t need to always wait for these special occasions to express your love.

12. Let your own experiences in that relationship be your greatest guide as you grow together through the years.

What’s the point in learning from another person’s relationship when you can learn from a similar situation that has happened in your own relationship?

Lastly, these things are not really new. The point is just to ensure that you do not ever lose touch with them.

Do them regularly and your relationship will most likely stand the test of time.


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