Love in Tokyo: Episode 3

I decided not to let my bitterness cause a rift between the two love birds, I realised that since we were both going to be next door neighbours, there was plenty time to settle old scores, so I quickly changed my tone. “we were colleagues some years back in Enugu” I said laughing and turning to face his wife, “he was such a hard worker, I only wanted to pull your legs with that little drama skit I just performed” I lied, I could already see the relief on Jazzy’s face when I said that, he was lucky I was in a very good mood, else, I’d have exposed his evil deeds to his wife.

“Bimpe! Bimpe!” Mr Tunde said shaking his head, “don’t you think it’s about time you stopped playing these little pranks of yours?”

“Maybe when I’m 90years,I’ll consider stopping” I said with my tongue out, “but for now, the pranks continue” I said with a wink, “Welcome to Tokyo estate Mr and Mrs Chijioke, I’m sure you’ll love it here” I said exchanging handshakes with them, “You’ll have to excuse me now, I was just about to have my shower before you called” I said giving Jazzy a seductive look before closing the door, I wanted him to reminisce on what he had been missing.

I could see his wife give me a dirty look but I didn’t care, I wasn’t looking for her friendship, I was already cooking up a payback plan in my head…

I guess this is where I say “welcome to Tokyo estate…where everyone is a suspect and drama is the order of the day.”


“What the hell does this woman want from my husband?” Nonye wondered as Bimpe shut the door to her house, she noticed the look Bimpe had given her husband and she wasn’t comfortable with it at all, not even when she lived only a stones throw away from them. She didn’t need James to tell her who the lady was, she had recognised her immediately; she only pretended not to know her. She had done her own little research and from snooping here and there she had made some little discoveries; she knew James’s heart was still very much with Bimpe, she had stumbled on her picture once in James’s wallet even a year after they got married and when she asked him what he was doing with it, he lied that he had kept it there long before he met her and didn’t know it was still there. She got to find out through James’s sister, that Bimpe was the girl who James had wanted to marry before he met her, he loved her with a passion and couldn’t imagine his life without her, but his father wouldn’t hear of it, Bimpe was from a different tribe and as a ruler in their land, he had vowed that the only way his son would marry a woman outside his tribe would be to kill him first because he wouldn’t stay alive to witness such an abominable act.

James had never taken his threats seriously and had gone ahead to make wedding plans without his father’s blessings, until the day before his wedding when his father showed up at his house pointing a gun to his head and threatening to kill himself if James went ahead to marry Bimpe. As much as he loved her, he respected his father very much and didn’t want his blood on his hands, so, for peace to reign, he made up his mind to let Bimpe go, but he couldn’t face her, not when it was just a day to her wedding; he left town without a word and didn’t return till much later, he knew what he did was bad and he should have at least had the courtesy to explain to Bimpe no matter how absurd she may have thought his reasons were, but he couldn’t bring himself to face her.

He relocated to another city and never saw or heard from her again. He met Nonye about 1 year later, she had been a good friend although she had always wanted them to be more but James never even gave it a thought.

Finally, she caught him off guard one night when he was tipsy and seduced him into sleeping with her. Unfortunately for him, this led to a pregnancy. Being the good man that he was, James had accepted the pregnancy; his one night of carelessness had become Nonye’s entrance ticket to his family. His father had insisted that his grandchild would not be born out of wedlock and more interestingly, Nonye was from the same tribe and local government as he was, so, his father was more than overjoyed to welcome her to the family. James didn’t love her but agreed to marry her for the sake of their child. Nonye knew this but she didn’t mind, she was just happy to be his wife. Everything had been going perfectly until 6months later when James was transferred to Lagos and they had to relocate.

James’s father had offered them one of his houses in a posh estate in Lagos and Nonye had been overjoyed and excited about moving in until she discovered her husband’s long lost lover was now now going to be her next door neighbour,

“I can’t allow this devil steal James away from me” she thought to herself “not now, not ever. I must do something to stop her immediately”…


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