Read: Love in Tokyo, Episode 2

All the memories suddenly came rushing back to me in a flash, my mind suddenly went back to that fateful day 2 years ago when I had been fully dressed in my beautiful Cinderella wedding dress ready to be wedded to the love of my life, James Chijioke who I had fondly nicknamed Jazzy.

I had met James during my youth service year while I was serving at a government parastatal in Enugu, he was working in a different department from mine but somehow couldn’t stop himself from coming to my desk for reasons as silly as wanting to use my pen when there was clearly one in his pocket; I was too pre-occupied with trying to get used to my work that I didn’t even notice the unnecessary attention I was getting from him till my colleague pointed it out to me.

Jazzy was not so handsome, he was just “okay looking” but unlike most “okay looking” guys, Jazzy always carried himself with so much charisma that it made up for his lack of good looks. Eventually, I fell for his charm and smooth talk and accepted to date him; to my great surprise and delight, he proposed 6 months later.

Like every normal girl my age, I was excited, I had fallen so much in love with him within such a short time that I threw caution to the wind.

We had planned to get married 4 months later, when I would have completed my service year; by that time, I was still a virgin and had vowed to keep my virginity till our wedding night. I had successfully kept to my vow until few weeks to the wedding when Jazzy convinced me that it didn’t matter if he slept with me before our wedding night since it was only weeks to our wedding. I was reluctant but I saw reasons with him especially since he was my husband to be and I’d been saving it all the while for him.

Our first night was painful for me though he was gentle, he seemed to be enjoying the moment while I on the other hand was groaning in pain.

The medical term for painful sexual intercourse is Dyspareunia; the pain experienced can occur on penetration, during or after sexual intercourse. Pain on entering and during sexual intercourse is not uncommon in virgins, it is usually due to tightness of the vaginal entrance due to un-stretched hymen(membrane covering the entrance of the vagina). Other causes of pain during sexual intercourse in non-virgins include insufficient lubrication due to insufficient foreplay, involuntary spasms of the vaginal muscle wall(vaginismus), infections in the genital tract or urinary tract, fibroids or scarring from pelvic surgery and so on. The treatment will depend on the cause, but usually involves taking certain medications and counseling.

Fast forward to the morning of the wedding,

I received a phone call from my mum telling me that Jazzy was not at the wedding and he was nowhere to be found, “what do you mean nowhere to be found? Have you tried calling his phone?” I asked, “yes, several people have tried but it’s been ringing with no reply, both he and his best man are not here yet.”

I knew my mum would never joke about something like that so I began panicking, I was worried something bad might have happened to him, only to receive a call from his best man telling me that Jazzy left town the night before without telling anyone and left behind an apology note for me. I almost passed out when I heard those words.

I never heard from him or saw him ever since then, I never got to know what I did to deserve to be treated that way on the happiest day of my life.

It was only about a year ago that I managed to move on and I started dating Kelechi. Now 3 months into our marriage Jazzy has resurfaced on my doorstep wearing matching outfits with a heavily pregnant lady; it’s really a small world after all, too small for comfort if you ask ask me!

I tried my best to regain composure from the shock of seeing him again after so long as I cleared my throat to speak. Jazzy hadn’t noticed me until he heard my voice, “good morning Mr. Tunde” I said noticing Jazzy starting to feel uneasy when he saw me, “good morning Bimpe” Mr Tunde replied, “hope you had a wonderful night.” He asked smiling, “yes I did” I replied listening to what he had to say, “I brought the new neighbours over to say hello” he began, “they just moved into the empty house right beside you” Mr. Tunde said, “oh! Wow! New next door neighbours” I exclaimed sarcastically, “That’s interesting” I said eyeing Jazzy and the lady beside him,

“yes, they are our new neighbours” Mr Tunde replied, “Mr and Mrs Chijioke meet…”,

“There’ll be no need for that” I said cutting Mr Tunde off, “Mr Chijioke and I know each other very well” I said with a mischievous grin, “oh! Really? What a small world” Mr. Tunde exclaimed, “darling is that true? Do you know her?” Jazzy’s wife asked turning to face him, “erm” Jazzy stammered shuffling his feet uneasily, “who’s she?” his wife asked again beginning to sense there was something not right, “do you want to tell her who I am or do you want me to do the honours?” I asked turning to face Jazzy, “erm” Jazzy began to say again clearing his throat, it was obvious he was looking for the right words to say but somehow his smooth talking lips had failed him this time…


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