Love in Tokyo – Read

Tokyo! Japan’s busy capital city and the world’s most populous metropolis. How I’ve longed to visit this wonderful city for a really long time, I finally had the chance to visit when my parents-in-law offered my newly wedded husband and I a chance to choose whatever city we wanted for the honeymoon of a lifetime, all expense paid but my darling Kelechi chose to spend it in Togo, Yes you read right TOGO my dear ladies and gentlemen. Being the typical Igbo man that he is, he collected the money for the trip, took us to Togo for 1 week and used the left over money for “business”

Oh! I forgot to mention,he rented a house in Tokyo to make up for what he did, he claims that since I love Tokyo so much I wouldn’t mind living there. I’m sure you probably think I’m talking about the Tokyo in Japan, right? Sadly I’m not, Mr. Kelechi rented us a house in the newly completed Tokyo estate on the island, at least he managed to spend his money on something reasonable this time, I had been scared we were going to end up somewhere in the slums after we got married but thankfully we did not.

We only moved into Tokyo estate about 3 months ago, after we got married but trust me it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride, I’m not even going to begin to tell you about all the incredible things that happen in this estate everyday, I’m the estate aproko as I fondly like to call myself; I’m a blogger so I work from home; and since ‘amebo’ is my business, I find my nose poked in places it really shouldn’t be a lot of times. I’m not even going to tell you where my busybody has landed me,that is gist for another day. From the little window up in my room, I see everything that goes on in this estate, yes! Every single thing, believe it or not! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but at least I see most of the things that go on in the 3 houses opposite mine.

Tokyo estate is that kind of estate where there are no tall fences surrounding each house, instead, each house has beautiful flowers planted in a garden with well mowed lawns and a parking big enough to fit two cars. The estate was made for the creme de la creme of the society, so I get to dine with the high and mighty once in a while, aren’t I lucky?

“Oh no! the door bell is ringing. Who can that possibly be at 10 am on a Monday morning? As far as I know, all my neighbours should be at work by now.” I thought to myself, I hurriedly rushed to the door in my dressing gown to see who it was and peeped through the whole in the door only to see Mr. Tunde.

Mr. Tunde is the old man who lives beside me, he claims to be the first person to have moved to this estate but only God knows how true that is, I’m not very fond of him because he tells too many lies, sometimes I wonder if he’s so silly to think I believe those lies or maybe he simply just has dementia.

Dementia is not a disease like many people think it is, it’s actually a collection of symptoms that result from damage to the brain caused by diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. The collection of symptoms include memory loss, confusion and disorientation, changes in mood and personality or difficulty communicating among other things. Several drugs are available to temporarily relieve the symptoms the patient is experiencing, other non-drug therapies are also available to relieve symptoms.

Normally, I would have hissed and gone back upstairs if I hadn’t spotted a man and a woman standing behind him, it was difficult to make out their faces from the little hole in the door and my curiosity and amebo got the best of me, so I stretched out my hands and turned the door knob open to find out who they were and Lo and behold, I saw my worst memory standing at the door behind Mr.Tunde, it was Jazzy, the love of my life who stood me up at the altar on our wedding day 2 years ago…


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