Funny Joke: Jealous Girlfriend

​Boy meets new girl and takes her home. Next morning he drops new girl off. Later in the day his regular girl WhatsApps him:

Girl: Can I ask you a question?

Boy: Shoot

Girl: Who was dat?

Boy: (He had been on the phone earlier so he said) My brother

Girl: In your car I mean

Boy: (He looks outside at his car in the office parking lot) Sorry the car has been parked for the past 2 hours. There’s no one in…

Girl: (Rudely cuts him off) I mean THIS MORNING…wearing the blue, patterned dress

Boy: (Now confused, and thinking regular girl has gone potty) Wearing blue dress? My car wearing a dress?

Girl: (Now Angry) Stop the pretense ok? Who was that girl in your car this morning wearing a blue, patterned dress?

Boy: (All coming together now) Oh, so you meant to ask “Who was that girl in your car this morning wearing a blue, patterned dress?” Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?

Girl: (Now ready to slap the idiot) Answer the damn question!!!

Boy: (Confused again) Which of the questions please? You’ve asked 4 already.

Girl: (BP high…remained silent…..10 seconds passed…ugly noises from her throat)

Boy: (Having bought time and composed his thoughts) Oh. Lol…That was one of my mum’s mannequins…was taking it to her shop…she left her, I mean it, at home

Girl: (Incredulous) I don’t believe you. You’re lying.

Boy: (Feigning hurt feelings) Baby pleeeeeease! How can you even say that?

Girl: (Backtracking slightly) Are you sure? I thought I saw…

Boy: (Cuts her off expertly) Eiiiii this my girl…hahahaha…you’re jealous papa

Girl: (Now a little ‘sober’) So you’re not cheating on me?

Boy: (Now on the roll) I’ll NEVER cheat on you Baby. I love you only. Forever

Girl: (Convinced & chaste) Sorry Baby…you know I love you too. Please don’t break my heart ok? Please…I’ll die if you do.

Boy: I swear to you I’ll never ever break your heart. Ok…boss calling…TTYL

Girl: Ok Boo…later

Boy quickly WhatsApps new girl: Hey Baby…listen, tomorrow I have to take a mannequin to my mum’s shop…can we reschedule for day after?


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