Makeup Tutorial: Simple steps for applying false lashes for beginners

​Applying false eyelashes for beginners can be very tricky but they are fast becoming the ‘IT’ makeup to have on.

Even without wearing so much makeup, lashes give definition, length and more to the natural lashes and can be done in different ways to give off different vibes, to show off glam, dramatic, subtle and more they make great statement when worn just right.

Wearing false lashes or ‘falsies’ should look as natural and close to the natural lashes as much as possible so when applying them it should be done neatly with clear glues that won’t come off messy on the lashes.

For beginners, it’s best to finish with the eyes before wearing the lashes and strip lashes are best used by beginners.

Note that it’s best to not apply thick layers of glue on the lashes so it doesn’t come out messy afterwards let it dry for about 30 seconds before application.

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