Budget Padding: Lawmaker Warns Leadership On Danger Of Self-exculpation

​THE recent meeting of the leadership of the House of Representatives, whereby the group passed a vote of confidence on itself, consequently exculpating its members accused of ‘budget padding’ has been described as unfortunate, ridiculous and tantamount to being “a judge in one’s own case.”

Member representing Warri federal constituency in the House, Mr. Daniel Reyenieju in a chat with Vanguard on phone, said: “It is a  strange and shameless development where those accused of the alleged ‘budget padding’ could go to as far as constituting themselves into being the ‘prosecutor’ and ‘judge.”

He said that they did that specifically “without qualms and went to the ridiculous extent of self-awarding pass marks, including passing self-exonerating and exculpating judgment on themselves, in such manner that smacks of arrogance.

“It is not only not only taking members of the House for a ride, but a display of brazen disdain for the sensibilities of the Nigerian people, who remain largely petrified by the reported ‘budget padding,’ because it has further shaken their confidence in the legislature which remains the only arm of government that legitimises Nigeria’s claim to being a democratic state among the comity of modern democratic nations.”

The lawmaker advised his colleagues in leadership positions to emulate the action of one of them, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, who has willingly submitted himself to the police for investigation.

Reyenieju was full of praise for the House Majority Leader for opting for what he (Reyenieju) described as ‘the trajectory of honour’ and hoping that Nigerians and other officials of government will significantly espouse this new moral now enunciated Gbajabiamila which according to him (Reyenieju) is the most visible index and manifestation of the slogan of ‘change’ espoused by his (Gbajabiamila) party, the All Progressives Congress, APC.


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