Today was #WorldJollofRiceDay!

​It is World Jollof Rice day, and rather the age long debate on which country makes the best Jollof, I’ve chosen to share some of my favourite recipes from different YouTube channels, hoping we can all have a grandiose celeberatory dinner tonight of Jollof Rice.


Coconut Jollof Rice


I am a big fan of coconut rice. After watching this video, you will decide to give coconut jollof rice a try and following Sisi Yemmie’s guidelines, I bet you will find a new love in this recipe. Its always reserved for special occasions.
Assorted Jollof Rice 

If you have never had assorted Jollof rice then you should make a mental note to try this recipe out. Shrimps, beef and shredded chicken are some of the few delicacies that make the entire outlook of the food more enticing and it is perfect for celebratory dinners.

Jollof Rice With Basmati Rice 

I love basmati rice, but I love it more when it is cooked as Jollof rice. It just gives the meal a Chinese rice look and taste, and I love that.

Party Jollof Rice

This is by far my best kind of jollof rice. It is simple, direct and tastes so good. I have always wondered hows people can mess up something as easy as Jollof rice but with this recipe the likelihood of getting it wrong is very slim.
Seafood Jollof Rice

Initially, I was not very big on seafood, but I came to love my shrimp sauce and from then on I added sea foods to the list of my fave things. However, cooking jollof rice with seafood is something I did not see coming, given my inquisitiveness I decided I must try cooking it and it really came out great.

Have a beautiful Jollofic Night 


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