MASSOB to British, FG: leave biafran activist Yagozie Emmanuel alone

​The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) Friday called on the British Police and the Federal government to leave London based Biafra activist, Yagozie Emmanuel alone as no antics against the liberation of the Igbo people will stand.

In a statement by the Leader of the group, Comrade Uchenna Madu, the group alleged that the conspiracy against Emmanuel was a calculated attempt by the federal government to frustrate Biafrans self determination to be free and destroy all Biafra activists that are seen as being problematic.

According to him “This has only proved that Buhari Backed by British and Obama led US government has only one goal for Biafrans, and that is to keep them in servitude forever or eliminate them from face of the earth”.

The statement read in part: “MASSOB wishes to raise the alarm against the wicked plot by Nigerian government through their secret security agent (DSS) in collaboration with the British police against Yagozie Emmanuel, a non violence London based Biafra activist who was involved in a peaceful demonstration against red carpet welcome treatment to President Buhari by the British government when he visited England recently.

“This is nothing but part of British and Nigeria state’s effort to frustrate Biafrans self determination to be free, by targeting and destroying all Biafra activists that they see as problematic obstacles for their continued enslavement of Biafrans and free flow of Biafra resources that is holding their various economy.

“MASSOB wishes to inform the International community’s about the constant pressure the British police is seriously mountain on our brother, Yagozie Emmanuel to admit under duress their ridiculous charges including admitting that he wants to kill their ally, Nigeria President Buhari when he visited London recently.

“MASSOB demand that the British police should leave Yagozie Emmanuel alone.

“MASSOB will like to ask British government when they lifted the ‘Umaru Dikko’ kidnapping case against Buhari; was kidnapping no longer considered a crime by British government if committed by their Islamic ally like Buhari?

“The threat by British to jail Biafran activist Yahgozie Emmanuel under some ridiculous charges for his demonstration against British Red carpet treatment of a man (President Buhari) that has murdered millions of innocent Biafrans during Biafra genocide war and still murdering is not surprising but in line with British sworn hatred of Biafrans and their effort to wipe off Biafrans and their history.

“Buhari was one of the genocidal War-criminals that British sponsored to murder over 3.5 Million Biafrans between 1966 to 1970 without anyone being tried or punished for such genocide and crimes against humanity.

“British and Obama led US government facilited Buhari’s come-back in 2015 general election and his systematic releasing of all Boko Haram terrorists and ignoring the genocides of the so-called ‘Fulani Herdsmen, his native people, while at the same time using the Nigeria Army, Navy, DSS, Police and other security apparatus to abduct, torture and murder countless Biafrans daily.

“MASSOB will only remind them that Biafrans can not be eliminated neither are we going to accept living in continued servitude because of intimidation and terror, but will continue to fight for our Freedom and Justice until it is achieved. What Biafrans has been going through in the hands of British and their sponsored ‘Nigeria state’ is worse than what Europe went through in the hands of German Nazi led by Hitler.

“Ironically, the same British that was one of those hard hit by the Nazi terror and who with the ‘allies’ defeated the Nazi turns around and has been committing against Biafrans worse crime than the Nazi.

“It’s important that Biafrans keep informing the world to know who the real terrorists and States that sponsor terrorism are regardless of how much they try to deceive the world that they are seriously against terrorism”.


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