Catholic priest slams Okorocha over demolitions

​A plea has gone to Imo State Government to discontinue the massive demolition exercise going on in Owerri municipality and its environs.

The Parish Priest of St. Brendan’s Catholic Church, Okwu, Ikeduru Local Government Area of the state, Rev. Fr. Cammy Mario Egeole, made the plea in a prophetic message he called “Governor Rochas Okorocha, how come you forgot so soon?”

The cleric reminded the governor that the hapless and helpless people are getting frustrated, devastated and directionless.

“Do you know that many people have died because of your sudden demolition saga? Some are frustrated, devastated and directionless, with the prevalent economic hardship in the land,” Fr. Egeole said.

While seeking to know who advised the governor to commence the demolition now and in this outrageous manner, the Catholic cleric also appealed to Okorocha to wind down the tinted windows of his vehicle and see the pain, regret and agony visited on the citizenry by his administration since the massive demolition started.

“Bringing down the hard earned houses and stores of your fellow man without compensation because an ephemeral power is in your possession today, is uncharitable and ungodly. Have you forgotten that this power will shift hands in 2019?,” Egeole asked.

Continuing, the priest said that as a messenger of God, he was duty bound to call him to order when Okorocha details.

“Please, retrace your steps quickly. Imo is in shambles and Imolites are suffering terribly. The seeming silence in the land is not a sign of conquer as many have posited”, Fr. Egeole said.

He reminded the Governor that God’s anger does not burn immediately, pleading that he should pity the current and future generations.


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