ABIA GOV CRISIS: Nwosu heads to S-Court

​Following the dismissal of his suit by the Appeal Court, one of the PDP governorship aspirants in Abia State who instituted an appeal against the judgment of Justice Okon Abang which pronounced Uche Ogah as governor, Sir Friday Nwosu, has said he believes that the Supreme Court will serve justice on the matter.

In an interview , Nwosu said the Appeal court ignored the major basis of his suit and failed to consider the documents placed before them.

He argued that Ogah’s suit is an abuse of court process and ought to have been dismissed because it was pursued contrary to the rules and order of the Federal High Court.

According to him, “Uche Ogah’s suit is incompetent and an abuse of court process unless the Court of Appeal in Abuja is trying to say that they have changed the law contrary to the position of the Supreme Court in several decided similar cases. His suit is incompetent because it failed to comply with the rules and order of the Federal High Court which gave him ample time to serve me. Even when that happened, Ogah failed to apply for extension of time to regularize the process which had become incompetent.”

He converted the documents I served him as a respondent in my suit to file his own suit. I have challenged him in court to bring the receipts and certified true copies of his document. Up till today, he can’t provide them. No court can close its eyes to obvious abuses; yet, the Appeal Court overlooked this abnormally. How can the Court a judgment in his favour under this circumstance?

“What if the Supreme Court over rules the verdict returning Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu? I’m aware the Appeal court verdict won’t stand at the Supreme Court because no court can ignore the obvious false information and discrepancies in the tax document submitted by Ikpeazu who also lied on oath. I can’t allow a total stranger to jump into the arena and take over the governorship position zoned to my place. Ogah has no lawful claim to the governorship seat.”

“Again, Ogah while appearing as a respondent in the suit I filed, Ogah secretly went and instituted another suit in the same subject in Abuja. Ogah petitioned the party that only people from neighbouring states voted in the primaries while authentic PDP delegates were locked out of the venue. He abandoned and waived his right to take any benefit of the process through his own handwriting and signature that there was no primary held. So, is the Appeal Court saying that any aggrieved person can be irresponsible in his statements and conducts? The Appeal Court is wrong to have ignored these salient facts. Nobody should be allowed to claim any right under the abusive process in the court.”


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