Tips & Tricks – 5 Other Things Your Lip Balm Can Do For You

​We are all aware of lip balm and chapped lips being best of friend. Although, currently I hardly use a lip balm because of the weather,  I never leave home without one in my bag.

Lip balm is very amazing for protecting your lips from getting unnecessarily dry and chapped but have you thought of other things your lip balm can be used for? I have.

There are several other uses for the lip balm, from cleaning lenses to keeping brows in place. I’ve compiled five other emergencies a lip balm can come in use for apart from drying your lips.
Keeping Your Brows In Place – You might be wondering how this helps with that but here’s the trick. Instead of buying an expensive brow gel try applying lip balm to your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush will keep the hairs styled and intact all day.
Intensify Your Makeup – This is perfect for that bold eye makeup you’ve been trying to achieve. Apply lip balm to your brush before using it for the eyeshadow. It could also be a form of eyeliner.
Say No To Blurry Lens –The truth is lip balm can be better than windex or if your glasses didn’t come along with a cleaner. It’s best for when it comes to getting sparkly clean glasses. Rub your lip balm on the lenses and use a dry cloth to wipe it off.
We Hate Blisters! – Sometimes we have shoes that tend to give blisters and its not a nice feeling. To avoid that, why don’t you rub a little lip balm behind your ankles and enjoy your day. it helps you to glide into shoes easily.
Take Off Rings – If your finger swell up, rub that lip balm on your finger and the ring will slide off.

If you know any more lip balm hack, please do let us know in the comment section!


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