FASHION – Rita Ora’s RevampedRevamped Style

Rita Ora has revamped her looks and goes for sartorial choices from influential brands in the industry, the likes of Balmain, Versace and more.

Although, she retains her quirky style, she switches it up with more defined and refined looks especially when she is on the red carpet or heading to an event.

She has impressed me countless times with her poise and elegance when she dons these looks, taking off that eccentric and laid back Rita and replacing her with a classy and more feminine woman who has my heart which explains the reason some of these fashion labels consider her the best model for their outfits.

I like the edge she brings to each outfit like the Antonio Berardi one shoulder suit, and the black Balmain number. I could keep going on, but I wish to see more looks like this because she is such a gorgeous woman and it is nice to see her finally tapping into that side to her.


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